Special Amsterdam Bear Weekend Edition 

Welcome to the special Amsterdam Bear Weekend edition of the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. With lots of information about the upcoming Amsterdam Bear Weekend 2018. If you want to read the dutch version click here


The Program of the BEARCAVE

From Thursday 1st of March 01.00 pm till Monday 5th of March 01.00 am The BEARCAVE (The Web bar) will be your home spot for this years Amsterdam Bear Weekend:
  • Come and get all available information about what’s going on during Bear Weekend
  • Free WiFi hotspot
  • Ticket sales with 5% discount for the main party (till 2 hrs. before the doors open)
  • Your central meeting point when lost or looking to be found

Below you will find every activity. Click on the photograph to get more info about that activity.

visit our special ABW Website


By clicking on the pictures above you can see the activity that's related with it. Or click the links below for more info:
For the first time The Web Bar will organize “The Web’s Bear Weekend brunch”.The brunch is free of charge and all bears and their friends are invited.

Sign up for participation is required

We hold two sessions, from 11:00 till 12:30 and from 12:30 till 14.00, and every session has a capacity of about 50 people.

So fill in the form overhere

Other events of ABW 2018


The main event for ABW 2018 @Panama.

Tickets for Bear-Ball (ABW 2018 main event) and the election are available The Web Amsterdam with a 2€ discount on the pre-sale price (tickets are available till March 3rd 19.00 hrs. or as long as we have them)


There are a lot of other events during ABW. You can have fun at: Spijkerbar, Prik, Church, Hotspot café, Dirty Dicks, The Eagle, NZ Sauna, MrB and our neighbours the Cuckoo's nest. Also there will be a special movie night @Pathé de Munt (Bear City 3) and a LGBT Tour Amsterdam (Bear Edition).
And off course our staff will always be so kind to give you directions or tips


Yes ..... here is the second edition of my column,which started in The Web Weekly new style, or as it is called in this special edition The Bear Cave Weekly. All this to celebrate that the coming weekend it will be  Amsterdam Bear Weekend 2018. Do you still see it all? You can read more about this below.  

A lot has happened in "Our Scene". There was the Leather Pride in Antwerp last weekend. During the big party in Darklands the election of "Mister Rubber Europe" took place. 
Michael Gehring (from Switzerland)
Niels, by his title Mister Rubber Netherlands our Dutch candidate, has unfortunately not been able to kick the podium. The third prize went to James from London, the second prize to Mister Rubber Spain and the man who will wear the title Mister Rubber Europe 2018 the coming year is Michael Gehring (from Switzerland). Striking detail is that he was the oldest of all candidates and also the presentation in his spacious rubber suits stood out. In any case, he has our congratulations! Of course we also congratulate the new Mister Leather Belgium 2018: Bart, with his selection on this Leatherpride.
 Aleš from Cologne (the big winner and so Mr Lumberjack 2017)
But back to the Netherlands with the Amsterdam Bear Weekend 2018 being on the doorstep. This promises again, like other years, to become a fun and especially great party, where there is room for everyone. You do not have to be a Bear yourself, for the sake of clarity!

Who knows, you will leave with the beautiful title: "Mister Lumberjack 2018". You can not win this title with a fetish outfit, or beautiful appearance, but by participating in the "Bear Nailing Contest". I hear you thinking "how does that work?" There are two tree trunks in The Bear Cave (aka The Web Bar). There you can try to hit a big nail. The one who hits the nail the most (after 4 strokes) on a certain day wins the daily price. The winners of all days will compete each other on Sunday (18.00) and the one who wins will receive the Title Mister Lumberjack 2018 and of course the eternal fame. Who will follow Aleš from Cologne (the big winner and so Mr Lumberjack 2017)? Make an attempt, because even a miss is nice in this competition and who knows ........ you hit it good!

I saw two bears making sandwiches...  

New this year is the Bear Brunch in The We ....... eh ..... eh ..... Bear Cave, (it takes some time getting used to our favorite bar this weekend being called the Bear Cave, but that aside). Everyone is welcome at the Sunday Bear Brunch on March 4th. We hold two sessions, a group at 11.00 and a group at 12.30 (maximum 50 people per group). We would like to know if you are going to come, so please let us know by using this form. It promises to be sociable and what is more fun than to eat together.  

Sunday promises to be a special day anyway, because not only the celebration of Mister Lumberjack 2018 takes place, but we also hope to put the brand new Mister Bear Netherlands 2018 in the spotlight. I wonder if it will be Barry Keurs or Kenan or Johny Verburg. I have already made my choice, but I will keep it for myself! In this way I would like to thank Mister Bear Netherlands 2017 Marcel van Doorn for his actions for the Bear scene in the past year. It must have been difficult to do, since this Dutch Mister lives in Paris. The good thing is that the upcoming title will remain in the Netherlands.  

I also found a good friend of mine (Dhari) willing to fly to the Netherlands, so he can give you a free photo session. Something he did before in The Web Bar (during Leather Pride 2017). So if you want a beautiful and professional photo for your profile or a better photo of yourself on your friend's bedside table, come to the back room of The Bear Cave on Sunday between 18.00 and 21.00 and get yourself in a very nice professional way to be immortalized. Photographer Dhari is a lovely teddy bear and I am in any case very happy with his arrival.

I want to close with wishing everyone a delicious AMSTERDAM BEAR WEEKEND 2018 and see you soon in The Web, sorry, I mean The Bear Cave!  

Greetings Jacques Zonne
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