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Welcome to the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. In this edition of the newsletter we offer some news about upcoming events and pictures of the last ABW 2018, an interview about Puppy-Play, the column of Jacques and some new beers of the Web. If you want to read the dutch version click here


For this newsletter we interviewed Kriszly de Hond about the upcoming event a Puppies Night out @ The Web

Could you briefly explain what puppy play means?
"Pupplay is a game in which you deal with each other in a simple, playful way, by adopting the mindset of a puppy. It is low-threshold, intimate and social, without being necessarily sexual.

You can see it like that; the puppy play of today is like you would play with a real dog at home. He / she likes attention, likes to play games like fetch and find the ball, and if the pup listens well you might be able to teach him 1 or 2 tricks!

Just like with a real dog, you will never hit, kick or hurt a human puppy in any other way.

A puppy can be playful, sometimes mischievous or idiosyncratic. And maybe not always listening carefully ... Stick here and bark and you have the basics of Puppy-play!

Puppy-play, like many other fetishes, falls under the name BDSM.

I have learned that it started as a way where the dominant (also called the "Master" or "Sir") punished the submissive (also called the "slave" or "boy") if he did not carry out his assignment properly. Or did not meet the expectations of the dominant. Here the submissive was "humiliated" or "punished" by walking on hands and knees, drinking / eating from dog bins or barking like a dog. This was called "dog play".

After a while, the submissive started to like this way of humiliating or punishing, and the hard BDSM game turned into a affectionate scene that we now know as (human) puppy play.

The dominant is now often called the "Handler" or the "owner", and there is often no question of humiliation or punishment anymore. "

How did you find out that you liked puppy play?

"My first touch with puppy play was at home with an ex-boyfriend. He does bondage and organized a workshop at his home for some friends.

Milo was among the friends. He walked in with a big weekend bag and a dog pillow under his arm; this immediately caught my attention.

As the evening progressed, Milo, sitting on the dog bed, told that he was doing puppy play. He showed us his newly purchased mask and before I knew it I had him around my head!

I've been in touch with Milo since that night. He told me everything about puppy play, about what he liked about it and how he got it, about different outfits and about finding other human puppies.

Milo got (and has!) A special place in my heart, and I was sold ..! "

And what did you do next?

"I had been playing puppy-play for less than a year when the opportunity presented itself to participate in the very first Mister Puppy Europe election.

You can compare it with a Mister Gay or Mister Leather election; a group of pups register as candidates with a goal in mind. This can be information about what puppy play is, you are committed to a charity such as the AIDS fund, or a new event for pups setting up in your area.

Then walk (crawl!) As a candidate through several rounds, in which you tell what you like about being a puppy, but also show it!

The pup who got the most points at the end of the contest is crowned as Mister Puppy Europe and can call herself the representative of the puppy scene in Europe for a year.

I had the honor of being chosen as the very first Mister Puppy Europe (February 2015).

During and after my year I worked for our community, I built a huge network and got to know people all over the world. Including my sweet, rubber loving boyfriend Max, with whom I have been together for almost three years. And my leather mentor Sir Nick. With whom I have built up a strong bond over the past 1.5 years, which I am proud of! -Quick-

Together with my puppy brother Milo and his Handler Daniel we founded Bark & ​​Play. An afternoon once every two months where pups and owners can come together to play, relax and get to know other like-minded people.

This was such a success that the puppy scene in the Netherlands quickly came together as one family, and we started organizing our own national (and annual) puppy competition: Mister Puppy Netherlands."

Are there conditions to be able to take part in puppy play / are there conditions for puppies?

"The only conditions in my eyes for pupplay are the same as in any other (BDSM) relationship: respect the other person and respect yourself. Do not cross each other's boundaries, talk a lot about the expectations you have and dare to say "no" if you find something too exciting.

Puppy play is a very special thing for me, where all kinds of target groups come together to relax and enjoy hugs, being active, laughing, being there for each other and sometimes together to dive into a corner ..  

Which prejudice(s) in relation to puppy play do you often encounter and would you like to refute?

"There are a number of prejudices that I often hear.

Having to have a lot of gear (a puppy outfit) is one of them. You basically do not need anything to be a puppy. What I do recommend is basic: soft knee protectors (volleyball) and something that protects your hands (like fingerless boxing gloves). We remain people, and no matter how you get used to it, we are not made to move on our hands and knees.

Is a puppy is always submissive.

This is also a controversial topic. I myself am a puppy who likes to be switched; one moment I lie wagging on the floor while my belly is petted, and the other moment I stand as Handler on the other side of the line. In addition, puppies can also have D / s (Dominant-submissive) ratios. As with real dogs, the puppies often express this in the roles of Alpha, Beta and Omega.

As I said above, puppy play brings together all kinds of target groups. Men, women, young, old, gay, straight, it does not matter.

Puppy play can and may be different for everyone. One likes to behave like a young, playful puppy who crawls behind a ball. The other person is more "trained" and will remain loyal to his owner. It is all part of one big game, and everyone can give it a twist in his or her way that is pleasant for them.

To conclude, I think the biggest preconception about puppy play is that it is something hardcore BDSM-like. People quickly think of humiliation, hard BDSM, furries or even bestiality (see HUMAN puppy play).

Although each puppy has its own way of playing, puppyplay is basically one of the innocent, airiest and most accepting groups in the fetish world."

If you have become curious about puppy play yourself, do not hesitate to drop by at Puppies Night Out @Web!

Kriszly and his two puppies, Sada and Finn, will give a demonstration of what puppy play entails. In addition, will there be enough room to experience for yourself what it is like, or is handler perhaps more your role?



Puppies Night Out
Saturday 17th of March 10.00 pm till 02.00 am

Hey puppies!

Do you also find yourself often drowsy, looking for a suitable place to sniff around?

Can’t you swing your tail at home or are you looking for a like-minded? Then we have good news for you:

From 17 March, the Web Bar in Amsterdam will organize a human puppy evening once every two months, especially for you!

With workshops, contests and playrooms.
read more about details

Dragpalace Muzikale Bingo Show
Sunday Beats @ The Web
BLUF Sunday Social
1001 Nights
Dragpalace Musical Bingo Show
With Rose Murphy Saturday 24th of March, a new evening @ The Web

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m. SundayBeats @ The Web with the hottest DJs and either soup or hotdogs/ snacks.

1001 Nights
Saturday 31st of March from 10.00 pm - 02.00 am

BLUF Sunday Social
Join (other) Dutch BLUF members for their Sunday Social. Sunday 25th of March 2018 from 5.00 pm

more event info and details



Jopen Lentebier
Beer of high fermentation! The combination of coriander seeds and hops gives this beer a fresh and fruity taste with a firm citrus bitter aftertaste. 7% alcohol. € 3,70
Mort Subite (Blond Lambic)
By combining a lambic with two extracts of hops for their taste and their bouquet (Cascade and Target hops), this special beer is obtained. 5,5% alcohol. € 3,70

Looking back @ ABW 2018

The beginning of the month The Web Bar Amsterdam turned into THE BEARCAVE. It was great weekend with lots of highlights. We would like to thank everybody who made it possible and let us make ABW 2019 even better!!!!! Click here to see some of the pictures taken during this event.

Bear Weekend Brunch 2018
Mr Bear Contestants @ The BEARCAVE
Mr Lumberjack 2018
Celebrating Mr Bear Netherlands 2018


or the adventures of The Bear Cave

Wow what an Amsterdam Bear Weekend 2018 in The Web bar (I mean the Bear Cave). What a fantastic audience! I am glad that there is so much enthusiasm for the bearscene in Amsterdam.

For us, the anticipation started with the decorations with the many teddy bears. Bears in the basement, but also a teddy bear on the bike, gave The Web a special Bear atmosphere. A week in which our events even made it to an article in Het Parool and a news item on AT5 television.


The daily matches in the Lumberjack Contest 2018 proved to have a hilarious effect, especially ..... if it went wrong. It was striking that the men, who said they could not, and the men I did not expect much of, hit the nail furthest in the wood. Day winner on Thursday was Huub, while Harry took the lead on Friday. Jan was the winner on Saturday and Mister Leather Europe 2018 Raymond received the daily prize Sunday. Raymond was also the one who pushed the nail further than all other candidates into the log. But in the final round it was Harry (from Volendam) who won and therefore earned the title Mister Lumberjack 2018, with in addition to the many prizes also received our congratulations and the "eternal" fame.


We were also very excited and curious about who would become the new Mister Bear Netherlands this year. In the previous newsletter I introduced all the candidates, which consisted of Johny Verburg (Rotterdam), Barry Keurs (Emmen) and Kenan Sakalli (Amsterdam). The winner who won this much-coveted title was Kenan Sakalli. We were glad that we could honor him at The Bear Cave and hope that he, like the previous Mister Bear 2017 (Marcel Van Doorn) is working on an even better promotion of the Bearscene in the Netherlands. If it will be just as good as the reactions of the audience, I am very confident about it.

Then there was the Professional photo shoot of Dhari (D81 Photography) from Saudi Arabia who had flown specially to the Netherlands to make beautiful portraits. Proudly he showed me some of his amazingly beautiful pictures. In the coming weeks the Bear Cave visitors will receive a free email with the pictures. Our huge thanks go to Knuffelbear Dhari, who secretly whispered in my ear that he wants to do another photo shoot in The Web bar with the Leatherpride 2018. So if you missed it now you will get another chance.

I have been around a lot of years in The Web bar and have seen many changes and many decorations, but I have never seen it change in a Brunch restaurant Bear Cave. During the Amsterdam Bear Weekend Brunch there was a super extensive buffet. Here are some pictures to show you what you (possibly) missed. It was great to meet friends from the bar once in a different atmosphere and if you ask me this is definitely worth repeating.

In short, what have we experienced a great time. That is why I would like to thank everyone for their dedication and also for the visitors who provided a warm atmosphere during the ABW 2018 and I would say "On to the next weekend!"

But before we get there, we are going to experience a lot of other adventures in The Web (Yes, it is now called just The Web) like the "Dragpalace Musical Bingo Show" where a big friend of mine Rose Murphy in The Web comes along with her music show. I think it's a must in which you can win great music in addition to great prizes. How it works come and check out in the bar on 24th of March.

Greetings and Bear Hugs from Jacques

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