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Welcome to the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. In this edition of the newsletter we offer some news about upcoming events and past events, the column of Jacques. If you want to read the dutch version click here


Saturday 31st of March 10.00 pm till 02.00 am

Oriental night of Eastern Delights with shisha lounge, snacks and music by DJ Caspian C

Enjoy a night of music, Dance, Drink, friends and more

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BLUF Sunday Social
The coming two weeks we have (next to the 1001 Nights) a lot of events in the Web like The Virtual Weekend Grooves with DJ Basz (7-4 & 14-4) , Sunday(B)eat(s) with Rob Boskamp (1-4) & Katya Gabelli & DJ Benjamin (8-4) and on Easter Monday (2-4) a special performance by DJ Benjamin.

And we will serve as a location for several drinks:
01-04-2018  MSA (Motor Sportclub Amsterdam)
08-04-2018  Dutch Rubbermen
22-04-2018  BLUF 

And finally on 21st of April a new edition of Puppies Night Out @ The Web. More events in the Web will be released in our special Kingsday Edition so stay tuned!

Looking back @ past events

Sunday Beats @ The Web
Dragpalace Muzikale Bingo Show
BLUF Sunday Social
The last two weeks we had a lot of events in the Web like Sunday(B)eat(s) with DJ Rafa Nunes & DJ Benjamin, a Puppies Night Out @ The WebDragpalace Muzikale Bingo Show with Rose Murphy & BLUF Sunday Social

Trouble in Bearadise

Every year we choose someone who will represent our fetish groups. And what were we proud when our Mister Bear Netherlands 2016 Henk Heijenga was chosen as Mister Bear Europe 2017. All this happened on April 29, 2017 in Cologne (Germany). Henk lived completely in his role and so we saw him everywhere with his now famous and now much discussed sash. There are of course many tasks for a European Mister Bear, such as coming to the sponsored events.
Here, however, it would have gone wrong. The organization of the European Bear Week announced in a message that Henk had not fulfilled his obligations and decided on 21 March 2018 that Henk had to hand in his title and sash. Furthermore, it was decided that a new Mister Bear Europe 2017 should come, in the person of Gabriel (Austria), who would then receive that title for the next two months.

A huge protest erupted on social media. There was a lot of support for Henk Heijenga and many said that they did not agree with the decision of the European Bear Week.
Unfortunately, dirt-spraying started - by the "European Bear Week" itself - for example, that the new Mister Bear would already be under threat and therefore refused his title. The organization then decided to pass on the title to the number 3 of the list Mister Bear Belgium Kris. The organization's attempt to spread the message that the other Misters were also threatened was denounced by the same "Misters" and they gave Henk their support on his Facebook page ( .
The closely-driven organization then stated in a "Second and Last announcement of the Organization Mr. Bear Europe" (as they themselves called it) that they had every right to take the title without having to make a statement. 
All this because they have the exclusive rights to this title and they also declared the discussion as closed.

Many gave their positive reaction to our "European Mister Bear 2017" Henk Heijenga. But I find it sad that for the two months until a new Mister Bear election on June 3, 2018, such a negative stamp is printed on the Bear scene. I sincerely wonder if this fuss was necessary for such a short time. Unfortunately, this scene is also led by big egos. I hope that in the coming period we will work on a recovery to make the Bear movement strong again.


Many know me as the wardrobe man of The Web and I do that with great pleasure. I started with a wardrobe in the emergency exit, which I never thought safe. Luckily I got that understanding and the wardrobe was moved to another corner of The Web, right ... the place at the stairs to the darkroom. I have enjoyed working here for many years, but The Web is on the move, and after all the nice innovations (such as moving the smoking area upwards and the nice adjustments of the darkroom), the Wardrobe will move again and I will go back to other corner (namely from the bar). They also show me all the angles of the Bar LOL. So you can find the cloakroom in the future at the end of the bar and we will happily continue!


This week our loyal visitor and friend Luppo Hansen died at the age of 49. Only three weeks ago he thought he would be helped with gallstones, but it turned out to be the dreaded disease of cancer. He has lost the short fight against it. Luppo was a striking visitor and liked to show himself in the entire fetish and leather scene. He liked it when he could help with collecting the bottles and glasses. Although Luppo did not dress fetish, he wanted to be at fetish and leather events. So we spent many hours together at Folsom in Berlin. I and many other Web visitors will miss you. Rest softly sweet Luppo!
Finally, last weekend a good friend of mine (Rose Murphy) was invited to The Web Amsterdam with her Musical Bingo Show. Here you can see the blog of her performance and a sneak preview of her new single 

I wish you a good time at The Web Bar

Greetings from Jacques
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