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Welcome to the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. In this edition of the newsletter we offer a sad announcementa retrospective on past events, news about upcoming eventsthe column of Jacques and everything about the Bingham Cup 2018. If you want to read the dutch version click here


Tuesday the 15th of May 2018 our very respected colleague Roberto Cabalt died.

We will miss him and his humor a lot.

In the column of Jacques he will be remembered more extended. 


Special thanks to Richard Bolk from Cuts & Curls for his contribution to the prices of Dragpalace Muzikale Bingoshow and Leather & Fetish Eurovision 2018. For the good cause (Rainbow Railroad) that was supported by lottery sales, a total €1284,- was raised. Also thanks to the other andere sponsors: The Cuckoo's NestBlack Body AmsterdamClub Church#DifferentbySuus , Furball AmsterdamGetto Food and DrinksMister B AmsterdamSauna NieuwezijdsRoB AmsterdamUnderground FetishMotor Sportclub Amsterdam-MSA/ECMC and LFN!

Also last month was the very first Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend. It was a great success and it is of course great that an event like this could be organized in such a short time. We would like to thank all the participating businesses (Black Body, Mister B Amsterdam, Underground Fetish, Getto, Club Church, The Cuckoo's NestSpijker Bar Amsterdam, Club YOLOPRIK and Eagle) for their support and with great pleasure we like to announce there will be a second edition. Again at Pentecost from 6th to 9th June 2019.



From 2nd tot 11th of June ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders Rugby Club organises The Bingham Cup 2018, the world championship of gay and inclusive men’s and women’s rugby.  From 2002, this tournament is held every two years. The cup is named after Mark Kendall Bingham. One of the passengers who died on 9/11 aboard United Airlines Flight 93. It is generally believed that he was one of the people who prevented the hijackers from making even more deaths by overpowering them.

More than fifty men's teams and at least four women's teams participate in the event. The tournament takes place from 8 to 10 June.
The Web Bar Amsterdam organises several activities during the Bingham Cup 2018. Starting with a special WeBN (the pre Bingham Bash Edition from Bear-Necessity) Friday 1st of June from 08.00 pm with beats from Sergio Cardoso.

From Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th of June from 06.00 pm The Web together with a lot of other bars in Amsterdam will participate in the Barhop from the Bingham Cup.

And on Sunday 10th of June a special afterparty will be organised in The Web Bar. From 5.00 pm to at least 5.00 am The Web will be open for everyone with beats, drinks, snacks and off course cruising!

05.00 pm - 10.00 pm DJ Steve Malenka
10.00 pm - 03.00 am DJ Veering
03.00 am - 05.00 am DJ Caspian C

You wanna know more about the Bingham Cup 2018 visit their website or look at their programm.

So "crouch, bind en set" for an unforgettable experience!


La Nuit du X-The Night of the X

In association with Crunchboy Studio The Web Bar organises for the first time a night where you can play a role in a porn movie.

Together with four porn stars, from 10.00 pm a part of the darkroom will be the scene of recording a porn-dvd / online XXX movie and you can play a role!

Cameras will record the live sex orgy in a closed section of our darkroom. Safe sex packages & a free mask will be available at the entrance and are mandatory to participate.

A Directors cut & dvd will be available after the event.

Puppies Night out @ The Web
A special evening for pups, handlers and people interested in pupplay. More info to be find here. Beats by DJ Jason.

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm Sunday(B)eat(s) @ The Web with the best DJs and soup or another snack.

Sunday 3rd of June DJ Mally Clarke
Sunday 10th of June DJ Steve Malenka
Sunday 17th of June DJ Luis Yanguas
Sunday 24th of June DJ Benjamin

Virtual Weekend Grooves
Saturday 2nd of June  8.00 pm to 2.00 am
Saturday 9th of June   8.00 pm to 2.00 am

DJ Bassz will play his best dancetracks for you. 

Click here for the last updates for events



Joy and sorrow are close to each other in life, last May15 there was the sadness of the death of our wardrobe man Roberto and that is why I want to dedicate Famous Last Words to him this time.

Roberto, Rob, Robbie and Robje .... different ways to approach this man and that explains the different sides of this striking Amsterdammer.

Roberto was an offspring of the puppet family Cabalt who entertained many children (and adults) on the Dam (in Amsterdam) for years. Rob was proud and collected photos and information about this famous family. Here he also inherited the many creative aspects, but more about that later.

Rob's life was entirely dedicated to the Amsterdam Gayscene. Started working for many years in the Egelantier sauna followed by more than 25 years in the Thermos Sauna. Because of this, Rob was also known as Rob Sauna. After this sauna was closed, he cooperated on a modest scale in the wardrobe of The Web Bar.

He was not unequivocal at one kind of gaybar, because he moved just as easily in the sissies scene, as in the leather scene, as well as places where his beloved Amsterdam folk songs sounded, which he all managed to sing along with.
The creative sides of Rob were equally versatile. He made art with papier maché, but he also painted as a hobby. He liked to show his creative side. But his heart was the design of artistic clothes and hats, his most famous creation being on the cremation basket.

Then there was Rob the showman. No place was safe when Rob could get a tambourine in a bar and could play it as a professional-looking artist, sometimes we were very happy .................... when he stopped.
He liked it when he could make people laugh about and with him. One of his acts, for example, was that when he walked through the door he pretended that he was running his face against the doorpost and letting bystanders chatter. At such moments he had the greatest fun. His dance moves with one hand behind his head and one in his side and then firmly moving with the hips and pretending to throw his hair strands back, with the comment that he still could. He also liked it when he could play with the many jokes and types he brought forward and could go along with his friends, such as Trudi from Home Care.
Then there was also Social Rob. He first worked as a volunteer on Gay Care, the first homecare organization especially for gay people. Unfortunately, there was no long life for this organization. After this Rob worked on Gay Living, an organization that helps LGBT people to secure residential projects and on brochures and flyers of this organization you can also find Rob as a model.

Unfortunately, the last year was dominated by the terrible disease of cancer, and Rob did not want to talk about it in the audience. His struggle against this was not something to have in a bar. Earlier than expected, Rob lost the fight.

I have a huge respect that he has seen this so courageously. In short, I am happy and grateful to have known this special and versatile Amsterdammer, and I can also say that on behalf of the Colleagues of The Web Bar. I am also grateful that many of you have come to Roberto's cremation to pay him the last honor.

Rob I wish all good ones on your journey and I wants to say to him: The memory of you is what never leaves us !!!
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