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Puppies Night Out
Saturday 23rd of June 10.00 pm till 02.00 am

Hey puppies and others!

Did you miss the last Puppies Night Out @ The Web or were you there and you have enjoyed yourself than there is another chance this weekend!

Can’t you swing your tail at home or are you looking for a like-minded? Or are you just interested or curious than come over to the Web this Saturday.

With workshops, contests and playrooms.
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BLUF Sunday Social
STD Check Up
STD Check Up “provided by GGD & The Web”. Get your regular check up for free and anonymous at The Web Bar. Sunday 24th of June 2018 / 6 pm – 9 pm

BLUF Sunday Social
Join (other) Dutch BLUF members for their Sunday Social. Sunday 24th of June 2018 from 5.00 pm

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m. SundayBeats @ The Web with the hottest DJs and either soup or hotdogs/ snacks.
Sunday 24th of June DJ Bo Monde
Sunday 1st of July DJ Benjamin

Virtual Weekend Grooves
DJ Bassz plays his and your favourite tracks starting from 8.00 pm on Saturday 30th of June and 7th of July

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The Summer just started and we introduce some new drinks and a special discount drink. The new drinks are all ciders and so next to Apple Bandit (Apple) and Somersby Blackberry Cider we introduce:
Bulmers Original 50cl (4,5%)
€ 6,00
Strongbow 33cl (4,5%)
€ 3,50
Stassen Cidre Brut 33cl (7,4%)
€ 3,50
Wodka & Cranberry Juice 
€ 5,00


This time in my column "Famous Last Words" we go back to earlier years. Many of us look back with nostalgia to the legendary Bar The Argos, the bar that determined the history of the leather scene in the Netherlands. This bar has been very important to me personally, because in 1969, as a 17 year old boy (actually too young) I visited this bar for the first time. I have experienced many adventures there, both fun, sad and exciting events.
Many do not know that there have been three bars named "Argos". The history of the first Argos, the oldest leatherbar in Europe, started in 1955, when former sailor Jan Tiemersma, together with his friend Ton, opened a cigar store at number 20 in the Warmoesstraat. However, this did not work out well and because there was a lot of space in the building, it was decided to start a guest house in 1957, which was named Hotel Tiemersma.

This "hotel" had rooms without a lock on the doors, as a result of which a lot of room was exchanged by the visitors at that time. The cigar store on the ground floor was slowly but surely converted into an 'illegal' leather bar. The counter quickly changed into a bar and some rough boards were placed on the walls, where you could lean well and place your drink. Here, just as in American leatherbars, only bottles of beer were for sale.

In this period the name was changed to Argos Hotel, which was soon known as Argos "Hotel without rooms", because yes, those leatherboys could not be turned off (LOL). The entire building actually functioned as a huge darkroom. It was the time that strict learning dress code was a must, which brought a huge exciting atmosphere. The time that a darkroom was really dark and where the charged erotic tension dripped. You could recognize the faces of the Leatherboys with the lit cigarettes. The difference between the tops and the bottoms was clearly visible in the outfits (but more about that in a later collumn).

I myself have lived a little more than half a year in an attic room of the very first Argos together with Leren Jopie, where I have been friends for many years. I remember that when the basement became a real darkroom, you could do exciting things with a view of the water of the Damrak, which had a surreal effect: the civilian messengers vs the kinky boys. I was a kid myself, walking around in a leather outfit, studded with a lot of iron fittings and chains, and I loved to walk around Amsterdam in this outfit. Something that I can no longer imagine, but at that time you did it and did not think whether it was tolerated. In any case, I never encountered any problems at that time. How I came from this place as an innocent kid from Vlaardingen (well there I come from) and how the other two Argos bars were, you will read later in one of my next columns, for now ....... greetings from the wardrobe man Jacques
PS by writing this collumn I realized that in the following year 2019, I will celebrate my 50th anniversary as a Leather and Jeans bar visitor.
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