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Welcome to the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. In this edition of the newsletter we offer some news about upcoming events, new drinks, the column of Jacques and some news about a new event. If you want to read the dutch version click here.

The past months Amsterdam has suffered again from intolerance towards the LGBTQ community. As a result of that last Saturday (14th of July) over 300 pubs, restaurants and clubs in Amsterdam showed the rainbow flag as a sign that we are fed up with this violence and intolerance (more info here). As a result of the violence Club NYX will give a lesson in Krav Maga (self defense) this Saturday (more info here).

All the more reason to celebrate the upcoming Pride proud together. The theme will be "Heroes" and our next newsletter will be all about the Pride 2018. So don't miss it!


WeBN the Pre Pride edition

Friday 27th of July from 8.00 pm

Just before the Milkshake Weekend 2018 Bear-Necessity and The Web Bar present WeBN (the Pre Pride edition). Get into the mood for all the upcoming events (Milkshake, Bear-Necessity Pride edition and Pride 2018).

Beats will be played by DJ Sergio Cardoso, Bert will serve his famous snacks and there will be some special one night only WeBN-Milkshakes.

Furthermore we have our free raffle where you can win tickets for Bear-Necessity & free drinks coupons and more.

Tickets for Bear-Necessity are available at The Web Amsterdam with a 2€ discount on the pre-sale price (tickets are available till August 3rd 21.00 hrs.)

So come over and party with us!

If you can't come you still have a change to have some fun with the Web Bar and Bear-Necessity in the Bear Village during Milkshake Festival 2018 the 28th and 29th of July. 

Take a ride on our dick rodeo (for all the size queens in us!)- show us how strong you are with “kop van jut”, take a chance at the air gun shooting gallery. Plus tasty ice cream treats, beer bar and remember your visit with some snaps from the photo booth.

Plus of course there will be slippery prizes for the winners from sponsor, Swiss Navy

Bear-Necessity celebrates diversity, tolerance and free love and their resident hunks will be on hand to give you all big furry hugs!

Virtual Weekend Grooves

DJ Bassz plays his and your favourite tracks starting from 8.00 pm on Saturday. Saturday 21st of July 2018 from 8.00 pm

BLUF Sunday Social

Join (other) Dutch BLUF members for their Sunday Social. Sunday 22nd of July 2018 from 5.00 pm

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m. SundayBeats @ The Web with the hottest DJs and either soup or hotdogs/ snacks.

Sunday 22nd of July DJ Benjamin
Sunday 29th of July DJ Mally Clarke

1001 Nights 
Saturday 28th of July 10.00 pm till 02.00 am
Oriental night of Eastern Delights with shisha lounge, snacks and music by DJ Caspian C
Enjoy a night of music, Dance, Drink, friends and more

Click here for the last updates for events


  • 22nd International AIDS Conference 2018 (22nd-27th of July 2018 Amsterdam) with among other things:
    • 23rd of July Protest March Towards Zero Together 13.00 Amstelveld 
    • 25th of July Positive Flame Tour ending at DeLaMar theatre with thereafter Power of Love
    • 26th of July Tour d'Amour: bicycle aids out of the world
  • Milkshake Festival 2018 (28th & 29th of July 2018 Westerpark Amsterdam)


Brought to you by Fetish Heart

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th of August 2018 @ Beursplein
Fetish Heart, the organization created by Amsterdam’s leading fetish bars, establishment and event planners, brings you the first kinky open air event during Pride 2018: CRASH.

This event will be held at the Beurs Plein and is expected to attract thousands of fetish fanatics and viewers and all who love combining that free spirit with dancing.

More details about this event and the upcoming Pride 2018 in our special Pride Newsletter in the next week.

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Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
a fiery Jamaican ginger beer
A hearty Amsterdam white beer that drinks dangerously well.


This time we remain, just as in the previous column, in the year 1969, the year that I discovered the famous Leatherbar Argos in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam that caused my own Coming Out. 1969 was also the year of the Stonewall Riots in New York and that is a major turning point in the history of global "gay liberation".

The Stonewall riots took place at the end of June 1969 in the Greenwich Village district in New York after the clearance of the gay bar The Stonewall Inn by the Metropolitan Police. After years of harassment and violence by the police, the visiting public (homosexual men, lesbian women and transvestites) decided to fight back. Contrary to what is claimed by tradition, it was mainly the transvestites (and not the gay men) who fought back.

This uprising forms a dividing line in the history of the LGBT movement, since homosexuals and transvestites in such large numbers did not resist the police humiliations aimed at their community. Worldwide, these riots have become an example for LGBT demonstrations. In 2013, President Barack Obama named Stonewall in his inaugural speech as one of the important moments in the fight for equal rights.
On Saturday morning, June 28, 1969, the police invaded the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village. A number of factors made this "raid" different from previous incursions. For example, police personnel from the sixth district tipped the operators of the Stonewall Inn. In addition, the raids usually took place quite early in the evening, so that the business turned back to normal during peak hours at night. At 1.20 hours, much later than in the usual raids, eight officers from the first district, of which only one in uniform, entered the bar. Most of the customers would not be arrested as only the persons "without proof of identity, those dressed in the clothing of the opposite sex and some or all employees" were the target.

During that night the police selected female-looking men and transsexuals on the street and beat them together. 13 people were arrested during the first night. Four policemen and an unknown number of protesters were injured. It is known that at least two rioters were seriously beaten by the police. More than 2000 protesters threw bottles and stones at the 400 deployed police officers, meanwhile shouting "Gay Power!".
Eventually the riots stopped, but the crowd was back the next night. This night was less violent than the previous one, but skirmishes between demonstrators and police took place until four in the morning. Five days after the invasion of the Stonewall for the third time there were riots. That Wednesday a thousand people gathered at the bar and again a lot of damage was done.

Our Gay and Amsterdam Pride are now in the light of parties and the Canal Parade (as on next August 4, 2018) and that's good to celebrate. I hope, however, that the reason and cause are not forgotten, so that these heroes in New York are not forgotten. I visited this historic site (now a National Monument) a few years ago and I have to say it made a huge impression on me.
Until next time and my advice for this month: show your rainbow flag to the world!
Source: Wikipedia Appeared on June 30, 2018, from [Stonewall riots]
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