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Pride 2018 was a great success this year. We had a lot of fun @The Web and we were also very glad to have participated in the newest fetish-party during Pride 2018 "CRASH".  It was two days of good music, shows and more. And according to all the rumours and compliments that were brought to our attention we were not the only one to think it was a good substitution to the Pride festivities.

And off course there is a fabulous aftermovie of the event that can be watched here!


WeBN the Pre Oktoberfest edition

Friday 28th of September from 8.00 pm

The world biggest Volksfest in the world is coming to Amsterdam and you can celebrate it twice.

On Friday 28th of September we'll start with WeBN the pre Oktoberfest Edition organised by Bear-Necessity and The Web Amsterdam. 

(A week later on Saturday 6th of October you can celebrate again with Bear-Necessity Oktoberfest in Panama.)

Bear-Necessity resident DJ Sergio Cardoso will play his beats. There will be pretzels and off course large beer mugs!

So get on your Dirndl dress ;) or your lederhosen and join us this evening!

Furthermore we have our free raffle where you can win tickets for Bear-Necessity & free drinks coupons and more.

Tickets for  Bear-Necessity Oktoberfest are available at The Web Amsterdam with a 2€ discount on the pre-sale price (tickets are available till October 6th 21.00 hrs.)

So come over and party with us!

Virtual Weekend Grooves

DJ Bassz plays his and your favourite tracks starting from 8.00 pm on Saturday 29th of September, 6th and 13th of October 2018 from 8.00 pm

Dutch Rubbermen Meet Up

Join the Dutch Rubbermen for their Meet Up at the Web. Put on your rubber and relax in a nice atmosphere Sunday 30th of September from 4.00 pm

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m. SundayBeats @ The Web with the hottest DJs and either soup or hotdogs/ snacks.

Sunday 30th of September DJ Steve Malenka
Sunday 7th of October DJ ?
Sunday 14th of October DJ ?

Retro Thursdays
Every Thursday  from 07.00 pm till 01.00 am. The weekly night of the Web where the music played should be at least as old as a person should be to enter the bar. Requests can be played just as long as the music is old enough. So come over and enjoy the 60s-70s-80s and 90s again!

Click here for the last updates for events


ADE @ The Web

From Wednesday 17th till 21st of October
More details here

Leather&Fetish Pride

@ The Web From Thurday 24th till 28th of October

More details here


Gay Pride 2018 has been around for a while, it was the first time that the cruising-horeca together with the fetish shops organized a big party "Crash" on the Beursplein, and what a great success it was. It was a unique concept where fetish had a clear leading role. If you missed it, make sure you are there next year.


After all those party and holiday weeks I pick up the thread where I left off. I wrote earlier how the Argos Bar was created from a cigar store by Jan Tiemersma and Ton. And about how the pension Tiemersma changed to Hotel Argos. Now you would think that former sailors themselves were gay, yet that was not the case. But the visitors were interested. Jan later wrote: "We just do not understand success, we were just two boys with a motorcycle, we never heard of sex in leather, I remember Ton say," Jan, take a look. They are just lying in bed with boots. Gee soon there will be dirt all over my blankets. "Now I am a bit older and wiser ..." (From: "Headlight" the magazine of the Motorclub MSA around 1970)

This experience was extended to the ultimate lifestyle. You had to be dressed in leather. Without that leather outfit you were ignored very hard, it almost gave the feeling of a private and / or secret society. Also codes on leather outfits appeared where you could see if one was either dominant or passive. Laterf ollowed by colorfull handkerchieves. More about that in one of my next columns.

When I was taken to this bar for the first time, I was dressed in jeans. The two men who took me were in "Full Leather." I had met one of these men in a plushy fagbar (Melody Bar in Schiedam in 1969), where I, as a 17-year old boy, made my first steps in the gay scene. This man was clearly interested in me, and he quickly won my trust. When I came home, I discovered that he was a famous Radio DJ and singer, with an overwhelming collection of LPs (LPs). His music would never have be enplayed in the leatherbars, because it was of a sugary kind, with a moral slant. However, this was part of his other life.

After some initiation in the kinky world at his home, he asked me if I had ever been to Amsterdam. He knew there a nice kinky bar and wanted to take me there.
No sooner said than done. I remember how I looked my eyes, because Amsterdam was something I had not really thought about. After we had parked the car in the middle of the Nieuwmarkt (which was then still possible) and also had a snack in a snack bar, I walked for the first time in my life on the Zeedijk. How glad I was that I ran in full leather between these two men, otherwise I would never have dared to come there.

What an impression entering the Argos made on me, a dark bar with all the men in black leather and a very striking smell. I did not get the chance to walk around freely, but was shown my place. That was the metal bar that was fixed at the bottom of the bar. The leatherboys used it as a footrest, but for me it was my seat. From this place I could learn how to hear all kinds of "kinky crossings" with my hosts and other visitors, with some sliding back and forth.

On a return visit, I met "Learning Jopie" who lived in the attic of the Argos, we quickly made friends and soon I was a resident of the Capital.
My life changed to a real leather boy,  experiencing many adventures. OK OK ..... the metal fittings on my leather outfit were heavy and looked more like what the later punks would wear, but the time was memorable.

Unfortunately, I only lived half a year above the first Argos, because my favorite bar was moved to the Heintje Hoeksteeg, but that is another story.
Finally, I want to announce already, that the next Fetish FleaMarket is on Saturday 27 October, more info will follow shortly.
Greetings and ........ keep it safe Jacques Zonne
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