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Leather and Fetish Pride 2018 was a great success this year. We had a lot of fun @The Web. As you can read in the column of Jacques especially the Fetish Flea Market was a big success. And also in the last two months of this year we have enough good things for you to enjoy!


Sportss-Wear Party

Sportss-Wear Party

Friday 9th of November from 8.00 pm - 2.00 am

For the first time The Web Bar and Sportss organise a party for people who are into sportsgear. Although during this night everybody is welcome it is highly appreciated if you put on your sportsgear. 

People who wear full sportsgear receive a free shot of Dropshot. From 9.00 pm DJ Jason Skyler will play his beats.

So get on your favourite trackies, shirts and sneakers and join other people with who have the same fetish.  

So come over and party with us!


Retro Thursdays
Every Thursday  from 07.00 pm till 01.00 am. The weekly night of the Web where the music played should be at least as old as a person should be to enter the bar. Requests can be played just as long as the music is old enough. So come over and enjoy the 60s-70s-80s and 90s again!

Virtual Weekend Grooves
DJ Bassz plays his and your favourite tracks starting from 8.00 pm every Saturday from 8.00 pm till late

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m. SundayBeats @ The Web with the hottest DJs and either soup or hotdogs/ snacks.

Sunday 11th of November DJ Michiel Bouwens
Sunday 18th of November DJ Glaucio Duarte
Sunday 25th of November DJ ?

Meet the candidates of Mr Puppy NL
During this evening you can meet all the contestants for the Mr Puppy Netherlands election 2019.
Afterwards all the puppies can play and music will be there by DJRW.
Also there will be a lottery with lots of nice prices!


Click here for the last updates for events

Sint @ The Web

Sunday 2nd of December
The Sint will pay us a visit.

More details here

Amsterdam Bear Weekend

@ The Web From 21 – 25 March 2019

More details to follow


Meanwhile, our Leather and Fetish Pride Weekend is history again, but what a wonderful weekend it was. Really such a weekend where you can stay proud! For me personally the Fetish Flea Market is an annual highlight. Fortunately, we have gained more and more experience over the years in how to organize this. It is actually amazing that in a few hours together with your colleagues, you can completely change The Web bar into a real Fetish store.
And then the time has come, the moment that this temporary store can be opened and then ........ (as you can see on TV with crazy days), about 40 people storm in, who were completely ready to make the first things their property. My colleague, who is also called Jacques, and my colleague (Kevin), sold the loose articles of our Web visitors in the back room. And they did so with verve. Never before has so much been sold on previous Flea Markets.
Furthermore, there were 10 different stalls throughout the bar, which also sold a lot. Upon inquiry, it turned out that all our sellers were very satisfied. One of the stalls stopped halfway, because he was just sold out. Nice to get people out with bags full of doors. It turns out that there is still a lot of interest to buy and sell Fetish stuff in this way.
This proves, as far as I am concerned, that this annual event, especially among our visitors, is greatly appreciated. It remained busy all afternoon and there was a particularly cozy atmosphere in The Web.
In the meantime, we are even brainstorming whether we can hold a "Sports-Fetish-Flea-Market" during the Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend, so I would say: to be continued!

The next day (on Sunday) there was again a fantastic atmosphere in The Web bar. Our friend Dhari was "court photographer" and again he shot many beautiful portraits of our visitors. And I can already say that these beautiful photos will fill many profiles on different internet sites. Thank you Dhari!
This was also the weekend that a new Mister Leather was installed and this honor was due to Ax Leito, who will represent us the coming year as "Mister Leather Netherlands 2019". I feel that we can expect a lot from him. It was nice that I could celebrate it in The Web with a huge bunch of flowers. He said that he had three program points that he wants to work on in the coming year. One of those points was that he wants to build bridges for even better cooperation between the different fetishes. I'm curious!
It was also very special that a week before (in Paris) Evert Leerson was chosen as "Mister Leather Europe 2019" and with that took over the title of "Mister Leather Europe 2018" Raymond Timmer. It happens rarely that two years in a country this special honor to part. Our new "Mister Leather Europe 2019" Evert mainly wants to work on the visibility of leathermen, both in bars and on the street.

Finally, our thanks go to the man who first represented us as "Mister Leather Netherlands 2017" and then as "Mister Leather Europe 2018": Raymond Timmer. He has shown himself on all sides of our planet and represented the leatherscene and worked on various projects. For example, I think of his work and raise the money to be able to take action against the persecutions of homosexuals in the Russian republic of Chechnya (Chechnya). Something he would like to work on in the future, but I also think about the "Song festival with the Misters" in The Web bar. I am sincerely proud to be able to honor these three heroes.

This Leather and Fetish Pride Weekend also received attention in the media. For example, MVS Gay Station made a nice reportage, which also shows the tribute in The Web bar. Unfortunately, the reportage is in Dutch, but for our foreign language readers it is still fun to watch, so they can see these winners (and me LOL) in action and also have a look at our bar.


I would say a lot of fun and until the next time, enne ...... keep it safe!
Jacques Zonne
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