After a very busy 2018 this is the first edition of the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam of the year 2019. The staff of the Web Bar wants to wish you a happy, healthy and horny 2019!

In this first edition of the year Jacques will look back at the year of 2018 in his column and we offer some news about upcoming eventswhat to expect in 2019 and some news about again a new event in your favourite bar. If you want to read the dutch version click here.

Of course in 2019 your favourite bar will organise a lot of activities for you but more about that later. So make sure to check our website or Facebookpage for the up-to-date information.



Amsterdam 2019
It's Sportstime

Saturday 26th of January from 7.00 pm - 2.00 am

Where your favourite bar turns into a Sportsbar. What can you expect this evening? Lots of sportswear- sneakers- and fetish fun. A big Cruising Floor, smoking room and play area. And a socks store provided by Sneakfreaxx.

The music will be played by DJ Benjamin. So come over and celebrate with us the 14th anniversary of Sneakfreaxx.

So get your favourite sports gear on and come over for some sexy fetish sports fun!

What to expect in 2019

The Web Bar Amsterdam will organize lots of activitities during these weekends:

Amsterdam Bear Weekend
: 21st-25th of March 2019

Kingsday Weekend:  27th-29th of April 2019

Eurovision Songcontest: 18th of May 2019

Rubber Weekend: 31st of May - 2nd of June 2019

Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend: 6th-9th of June 2019

Milkshake Festival 27th of July  - 28th of Julyi 2019

Amsterdam Pride: 27th of July  - 4th of August 2019

Leather and Fetish Pride: 24th -27th of October 2019


Also in 2019 a lot of groups (BLUF, Dutch Rubbermen and Bear-Necessity) will organize an event together with us. And we are always happy to do that. If you happen to have a good idea for an evening to organize at the Web please contact us!

BLUF Social Afternoon Sunday from 05.00 pm
The following Sundays: 27-1-2019, 17-2-2019, 31-3-2019, 28-4-2019, 26-5-2019, 23-6-2019, 4-8-2019, 25-8-2019, 29-9-2019, 27-10-2019, 24-11-2019 en 22-12-2019

BLUF Social night from 10.00 pm
Friday 25-10-2019 & Saturday 26-10-2019

Rubber Social
Saturday 9th of February from 8.00 - 11.00 pm (preceding Lockerroom in Church), Sunday 10th of March, 12th of May, 7th of July, 1st of September (Pre-Folsom), 17th of November from 5.00 - 8.00 pm.

Friday 25th of January (Pre Anniversary edition), 15th of March (Pre Amsterdam Bear Weekend edition), 19th of April (PreKingsday edition), 31th of May (Pre RugBN edition), 26th of July (Pre Pride edition), 27th of September (Pre Oktoberfest edition) and 20th of December (Pre end of the year edition) from 9.00 pm - 2.00 am and music by DJ Sergio Cardoso.


And off course every week (except on special occasions) the Web organizes something for you, with on:

Thursdays: RETRO Thursday
: Every Thursday from 7.00 pm - 1.00 am The weekly night of the Web Bar, where the music played should be as old as you should be to enter the bar. Requests are very welcome!

Fridays: with the working name "Blending Fridays" Friday after work drink with electronic vs acoustic lounge music.  Friday 5.00 - 8.00 pm Drinks & Chill out /  a DJ (sometimes with live music) celebrates the beginning of the weekend with a drink and uplifting music.

18th of January DJ Benjamin
25th of January Oded Nir
1st of February Oded Nir
8th of February DJ Benjamin
15th of February  DJ Lady Deep
22nd of February Oded Nir

Saturdays: Virtual Weekend Grooves every Saturday (except 26th of January) DJ Bassz will play his and your favourite tracks from 8.00 pm - 2.00 am.

Sundays: Sunday (B)eat(S) Music with a DJ every Sunday 5.30-9.30 pm with something to eat @7.00 pm

20th of January DJ Rafa Nunes 
27th of January DJ Rob Boskamp
3rd  of February DJ Rob Boskamp
10th of February Michiel Bouwens
17th of February DJ Glaucio Duarte
24th of February DJ Benjamin

Click here for the last updates for events

Interested in reading old editions of the Newsletter? You can find all of them over here:


 A year has passed and for The Web Bar, 2018 was also a special year. Slowly our favorite bar has had an update. Much has happened, not only at the establishment, but also with events that have proved quite successful. The Web, together with fellow bars, went outside with the launch of the street festival "Crash", which was visited good, and we have learned a lot. The annual events such as the Fetish Flea 

Market were again very successful showing us that there is a need for this. I also look back at the many groups that gave their "acte de présence" during the past year, such as the leather, rubber and puppy groups, which are in The Web several times a year, but also the bears, which made the Amsterdam Bear Weekend a success. It's nice to receive so many different types of friends and my thanks to all visitors who managed to make it a wonderful year together. Yes, I can name a lot more parties, but this column would be much longer.
But besides a lot of fun there was also a tear, and I am thinking especially of the death of Rob Cabalt who we remember as a good friend, a loyal visitor and the last couple of years also as an employee in the coatcheck of The Web Bar. With his enormous humor and his feeling for Dutch music, he was a striking person. Rob's personal wish was that we would once organize a Dutch evening at The Web. A funny plan, but unfortunately it never happened during his life. It is precisely for this reason that we have organized a 
Dutch Evening as a thank you and a tribute to him just before the end of the year in which he died. Our Bert deserves a compliment with the decorations that gave the feeling of a real old Dutch kitsch bar. It is special to see how simple he can change The Web bar for a theme again. Under the title "Alle 13 GoedFout" this evening started with a photo of Rob on all 4 screens in the bar, I had to swallow, but still it was a huge cheerful evening and people sang loudly real “smartlappen” and Dutch folk music. 
Hilarious were the outfits of the various employees which also referred to the predicate Goed Fout. Many glitter and wigs completed the outfits. We were also surprised by the visit of Annie Te Meijer, who was a special appearance in the form of our Kevin. Dj Bennie Snelweg was a really nice “bad” DJ who turned the evening into a happy climax. 
I personally had to swallow (and leave a tear) that the last song of this evening was the same as the one during the cremation of our Rob. I hope that he has experienced this from somewhere above and has experienced it as a tribute to him.

But now we look ahead to the year 2019 and hopefully we will equal and even improve the success. The plans for this are at an advanced stage.I also hope to inform you again this year about the "ups and downs" of our own Web bar
I therefore wish everyone a healthy, happy and beautiful 2019, and ...... keep it safe!

See you in 2019, Jacques Zonne!!!
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