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Valentine's day will never be the same!

Thursday 14th of February from 1.00 pm - 1.00 am

This year The Web will celebrate the day of Love with lots of special things. From 6.00 pm till 10.00 pm you can immortalize yourself (and your lover) in a very special Valentines Photoshoot provided by the Web and Different by Suus.

We will have a special love-cocktail (with the name Hard On ;)) for a nice price and off course some sweets and lovebites.

A Valentine's Raffle and a special ❤️ edition of RetroThursday will complete the whole evening of ❤️.

Come and join us and you will see Valentine's Day will never be the same!


Also This year The Web will turn into the Bearcave the central point during Amsterdam Bear Weekend from 21st - 25th of March.

With off course a lot of (new) activities but most of all a place where you can have all the info of the events during this weekend.

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BLUF Social Afternoon Sunday 17th of February from 05.00 pm
Join (other) Dutch BLUF members for their Sunday Social with some nice drinks and company in leather! At the Web bar from 5 PM and on. The bar will provide a DJ and some nice snacks. Put on some leather and boots and join our Social Sunday with some nice drinks and have fun!

Rubber Social Sunday 10th of March from 5.00 - 8.00 pm.
Join us for drinks and some sexy beats. Let’s make it a shiny evening. Rubber gear is not required but appreciated.

STD Check Up
The quarterly Check Up for STDs will take place on Sunday 24th of February from 6.00 - 9.00 pm. This facility is brought to you by The Web and GGD Amsterdam.

And off course every week (except on special occasions) the Web organizes something for you, with on:

Thursdays: RETRO Thursday
: Every Thursday from 7.00 pm - 1.00 am The weekly night of the Web Bar, where the music played should be as old as you should be to enter the bar. Requests are very welcome!

Fridays: with the working name "Blending Fridays" Friday after work drink with electronic vs acoustic lounge music.  Friday 5.00 - 8.00 pm Drinks & Chill out /  a DJ (sometimes with live music) celebrates the beginning of the weekend with a drink and uplifting music.

15th of February  DJ Lady Deep
22nd of February Bo Monde
1st of March DJ Lady Deep
8th of March DJ Benjamin
15th of March DJ Lady Deep
22nd of March Oded Nir (live) + DJ Benjamin
29th of March DJ Benjamin

Saturdays: Virtual Weekend Grooves every Saturday (except 16th of February) DJ Bassz will play his and your favourite tracks from 8.00 pm - 2.00 am.
On the 16th of February DJ Jason Skyler will take his place.

Sundays: Sunday (B)eat(S) Music with a DJ every Sunday 5.30-9.30 pm with something to eat @7.00 pm

17th of February DJ Mally Clarke
24th of February DJ Benjamin
3rd of March DJ Mally Clarke
10th of March Michiel Bouwens
17th of March  TBC
24th of March  DJ Bassz
31st  of March DJ Benjamin

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This time my thoughts go back to the Argos Bar in the 80's (from the last century) and especially to the famous handcuffs. Regularly visitors of this bar were threatened with these handcuffs in a fun way. In a bar where kink and SM live, handcuffs are of course a welcome fantasy and a nice start for a kinky

night. But sometimes in a different way than visitors had in mind. For other visitors a nice warning went out.

Regular jokes were made about it, but sometimes there was such a person, who went a bit further and did not stop threatening and handcuffs were closed around the wrists. So that there could be “fun” with such a visitor (also for me that was still a fantasy). But then came the moment when the "victim" wanted his freedom again. This was, of course, another time to exchange jokes, until .................. the bartender told they did not have a key in the Argos Bar either. Then the panic struck with the handcuffed person.

Fortunately, the bartender could find a solution to this problem, because a little further down the Warmoesstraat was the legendary Bureau of Police and the bartender knew the one in handcuffs to convince, that there is always a key at the counter of this Police Bureau present. I can well imagine that the "handcuff victim" with lead in the shoes, put his steps to this famous police station. Once there, it turned out that the policeman on duty was also kind enough to solve this problem but did not have a key of these handcuffs himself.

This agent then sent him to the Investigation Department on the second floor who referred the Argos visitor to the cell block department. This was all the way down again and so it went on until, after having traversed the entire police station, our captive visitor came back to the Police Department's counter. Who always could see the real Amsterdam humor.

But yes, the problem was not resolved now. So the solution was delivered by the duty agent and it was that they were convinced that the bar tender from the Argos bar certainly had a key to these handcuffs. Upon returning to the Argos bar, this turned out to be true, and the freedom without handcuffs could be enjoyed again, but with an enormous experience richer.

At that time it was a habit that the gay bar owners and affiliates drank a drink after closing time, in the gay hotel "Anco", where the sex and kinky feelings could continue until the wee hours and we heard Kees (the then owner of the Argos) tell how much fun they had on such a handcuff adventure and how happy they were with the cooperation and sportsmanship of the much discussed Police Bureau Warmoesstraat.

At the time I worked in a sex shop on the Oude Brugsteeg, the shop had the illustrious name: the "S-Emmer" It was a small SM shop and I lived above it.

On an early Sunday morning I was woken by noise at the door and downstairs Kees (the owner of the Argos) stood there with a long coat over his shoulder together with his then-boyfriend Martin (who walked around in short lederhosen and where I was secretly in love with). I let both gentlemen enter the shop, after which Kees started with: "Jacques, we have a small problem" after which he let the long coat slide off his shoulder. Then I saw that there were handcuffs around the wrists of our Kees and he continued his story: "And now we really do not have keys from those handcuffs". I laughed and my first reaction was to send them to the Police Department's counter, because they had the key. But after a small sour smile from our Kees, I decided to use a key from the store and give Kees his freedom.
I would like to leave it to the reader of this column which lesson (or fantasy) can be drawn from this story.

Greetings and until the next column

Jacques Zonne and ....... keep it safe!!!!
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