After a very busy 2019 this is the first edition of the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam of the year 2020. The staff of the Web Bar wants to wish you a happy, healthy and horny 2020!

In this first edition of the year Jacques will look back at the year of 2019 in his column and we offer some news about upcoming eventswhat to expect in 2020 and some news about again a new event in your favourite bar. If you want to read the dutch version click here.

Of course in 2020 your favourite bar will organise a lot of activities for you but more about that later. So make sure to check our website or Facebookpage for the up-to-date information.




Saturday 22nd of February from 7.00 pm - 11.00 pm

Where your favourite bar presents the Mr Sportswear Election 2020. What can you expect this evening? Lots of sportswear- sneakers- and fetish fun. A exciting election and a Socks - King Shop provided by Sneakfreaxx.

The music will be played by DJ RW. So come over and celebrate with us the 2nd election of Mr Sportswear Netherlands.

So get your favourite sports gear on and come over for some sexy fetish sports fun!


On Friday, February 14, we of course celebrate the day of love again, with lots of surprises, snacks (sweet and savory) and much more. On Sunday, February 16, we offer you a chance to get a photograph of you and your love by Different by Suus from 4.00 - 6.30 pm.
Also in 2020, The Web, in collaboration with GGD Amsterdam, will offer you the opportunity to get tested for HIV and STDs at least once a quarter.

23-2-2020 is the first option from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

What to expect in 2020

The Web Bar Amsterdam will organize lots of activitities during these weekends:

Amsterdam Bear Weekend
: 19th-23rd of March 2020

Kingsnight & Day:  26th-27th of April 2020

Eurovision Songcontest: 16th of May 2020

Rubber Weekend: 22nd-24th of May 2020

Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend: 28th-31st of May 2020

Milkshake Festival 25th of July  - 26th of Julyi 2020

Amsterdam Pride: 25th of July  - 2nd of August 2020

Leather and Fetish Pride: 29th of Octobe - 1st of Novemberr 2020


In the Web? It's not like the movie from Hitchcoc. These Birds are there to celebrate the expansion of our collection of Bird beers. From now on we have ZWAAN ZINNIG White beer (4,5%), FUUT FIEUW Session IPA (4,6%), RUMOERIGE ROODBORST American Amber (5,8%), VINK HEERLIJK IPA (6,2%) APRES KIEVIT Dark and powerfull winterbeer (8,6%) and DATISANDERE KOEKOEK Saison (5,6%) only for  

€ 3,80

Dry January might be over but The Web still has an non-alcohol alternative next to sodas and juices.

With Pilsener for € 3,20 and special beers for € 3,80



Also in 2020 a lot of groups (BLUF, Dutch Rubbermen and Bear-Necessity) will organize an event together with us. And we are always happy to do that. If you happen to have a good idea for an evening to organize at the Web please contact us!

BLUF Social Afternoon Sunday from 05.00 pm Sunday 23 rd of February,  Sunday 29th of March,  Sunday 26th of April, Sunday 24th of May, Sunday 2nd of August,  Sunday 30th of August,  Sunday 27th of September, Sunday 1st of November, Sunday 29th of November,  Sunday 20th of December

BLUF Social night from 10.00 pm
Friday 30-10-2020

Rubber Social
Enjoy together with other rubbermen and their admirers the Social drink of DRUM. There is no dresscode but rubber is highly appreciated. DATES: Sunday 16th of February , Sunday 19th of April, Sunday 21st of June, Sunday 25th of July, Sunday 2nd of August, Sunday 20th of September, Saturday 31st of October (Saturday), Sunday 22nd of November, Sunday 13th of December. Sundays from 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm Saturday from 7.00 pm - 11.00 pm

Friday 27th of March, Friday 24th of July, Friday 25th of September, Friday 27th of November  from 9.00 pm - 2.00 am and music by DJ Sergio Cardoso.


And off course every week (except on special occasions) the Web organizes something for you, with on:

Thursdays: RETRO Thursday
: Every Thursday from 7.00 pm - 1.00 am The weekly night of the Web Bar, where the music played should be as old as you should be to enter the bar. Requests are very welcome!

Saturdays: Virtual Weekend Grooves every Saturday (except 22nd of February) DJ Bassz will play his and your favourite tracks from 8.00 pm - 2.00 am.

Sundays: Sunday (B)eat(S) Music with a DJ every Sunday 5.30-9.30 pm with something to eat @7.00 pm

Sunday 9th of February - DJ Jason Skyler
Sunday 16th of February - DJ Natarcia
Sunday 23rd of February - DJ Steve Malenka 
Sunday 1st of March:  DJ Bo Monde
Sunday 8th of March: DJ Steve Malenka
Sunday 15th of March : DJ Benjamin
Sunday 22nd of March : DJ Natarcia
Sunday 29th of March : DJ Benjamin

Click here for the last updates for events

Interested in reading old editions of the Newsletter? You can find all of them over here:


Yes people .... we made it again! On behalf of all my The Web colleagues, I would like to wish you a very good, healthy and horny year 2020.

A lot has happened in the past year, both in The Web and in my private life. I have already shared a lot with you in previous columns such as the Change of Law on Conversion Therapy (something I have fought for over 35 years and I am very proud of). The law still has to pass through 

the Senate (mid-March), so keep supporting your support.

I was also proud to be a jury member in 2019 for both the MIster Bear Netherlands and the Mister Bear World elections. We were also happy with the many successful events that we were able to experience in our bar and will continue to do so in the new year.
Before I talk about that, I want to give the room for another look back at 2019 and I would therefore like to give the floor to my colleague Kevin:
"Lovely people! A question to all of you: Where were you on December 14 at 9:30 PM? I remember it. I got backstage (nervous) in the Westerkerk. I was about to enter the stage to tell people my story. We had a wonderful Christmas concert where homeless young people were in the spotlight and people came to tell their personal stories. That also applied to me. It was very special and beautiful to be able to share my story with others and thus finally give visibility to quite a big problem in the Netherlands: Being homeless as a young person (LGHBT). People soon forget that living on the street is difficult, let alone as a 
rainbow youngster.

And then the moment came that I was allowed to sing a beautiful song together with the group "De Poppers. And as was so beautifully expressed, they gave the note and I soul to it. I was very proud to be able to do this together with them After this, I had five minutes to get dressed and climb onto the stage in full leather, I sighed for a moment, closed my eyes, and then started my story - I briefly explained how my fiancé took me six years ago. was thrown into the street, and how for years I fled from everything and eventually found love in Berlin, and then lost the love of my life through a heart attack, and then the destruction of myself started because I no longer wanted to live. to end up in the hospital where I had to fight for my life.
Dear people, what I want to give you is when you're out and about, don't look at your phone and start a conversation and let's focus on each other instead of the phone and social media. Because that is what this society is all about. Consider for a moment that the person next to you is very shy about having a nice chat. let's rebuild the community together and help people fight in difficult times.
A big kiss from your one and only Kevin Deurloo (Mr Leather Netherlands 2020 first runner up) ”
P.S. If you want to watch this evening again, you can do so at: and our Kevin will be on screen with his story at 21.10

As mentioned earlier, we also look ahead and then I want to talk about the first major event: the Amsterdam Bear Weekend 2020 (19 to 23 March). Many of the events will take place in the Bear Cave, as The Web is called in these days.

The Mister Bear Netherlands election will also take place again. I would like to make a warm plea to participate. I myself participated in a gray past and then also won the World elections. And since then I have had the title ": Mister International Grizzly Bear 1996". OK ...... it has been articulated for a long time, but it has meant a lot to me and has brought much to this day. I dare say that a lot of what I have achieved could not have achieved if I had not won this title. I also believe that participating is very important for your self-confidence. In addition, you can have a year-long influence to place our Bear scene in a good light and there is an attractive prize pool. So sign up (before 15 February 2020) via the following address
I am very enthusiastic about the expectations that I have for both the national and international level in 2020, but I will gladly discuss that in the next column.

Make it a beautiful and safe 2020 and be proud!
greetings from Jacques Zonne
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