Special Amsterdam Bear Weekend Edition 

Welcome to the special Amsterdam Bear Weekend edition of the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. The Bears are on the loose! From 21st till the 25th of March they will be everywhere in Amsterdam.
Do you want to know where to find them then read this newsletter or check the Bearcave. In this newsletter lots of information about the upcoming Amsterdam Bear Weekend 2019, but also our staff nows where the fun is happening.

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The Program of the BEARCAVE

From Thursday 21st of March 01.00 pm till Monday 25th of March 01.00 am The BEARCAVE (The Web bar) will be your home spot for this years Amsterdam Bear Weekend:
  • Come and get all available information about what’s going on during Bear Weekend
  • Free WiFi hotspot
  • Ticket sales with 5% discount for the main party (till 2 hrs. before the doors open)
  • Your central meeting point when lost or looking to be found

Below you will find every activity. Click on the photograph to get more info about that activity.

visit our special ABW Website


By clicking on the pictures above you can see the activity that's related with it. Or click the links below for more info: Next to all the special events we also have our normal things like on Thursday from 7.00 pm RETROThursday (the Bear edition) and Blending Friday from 5.00 pm with DJ Benjamin and Oded Nir on bass.
For the second time The Web Bar will organize “The Web’s Bear Weekend brunch”.The brunch is free of charge and all bears and their friends are invited.

Sign up for participation is required

It will be from 12.30 pm till 2.00.pm

So fill in the form overhere

Other events of ABW 2019


The main event for ABW 2019 @Panama.

Tickets for Mister Bear Netherlands 2019 Election & Bear-Ball  are available The Web Amsterdam with a 2€ discount on the pre-sale price (tickets are available till March 23rd 19.00 hrs. or as long as we have them)


There are a lot of other events during ABW. You can have fun at: Spijkerbar, Prik, Church, The Eagle, NZ Sauna, MrB and our neighbours the Cuckoo's nest. Also there will be a special LGBT Tour Amsterdam (Bear Edition) and a canal cruise.
And off course our staff will always be so kind to give you directions or tips

New @ The Bearcave

Our early spring bokbeer. A light amber beer that has a soft and slightly spicy taste. The aromas form a nice balance between fruit, coriander, yeast and hops.
33 cl
€ 3,80
Vedett (Extra White)
Vedett Extra White is full creamy and has a fresh taste. The beer has a fresh scent with notes of citrus and a spiciness of coriander. Extra White has a long bitter aftertaste.
33 cl
€ 3,80


Do not expect a recipe from me for a delicious bear meat dinner. In this column I wanted to talk about the various Mister Elections that are coming. This month is all about the Amsterdam Bear Weekend. And then of course it also concerns the

the election of the Mister Bear Netherlands 2019 title. Every year I hear the remark that the election is a "meat market". Of course we would like to know where a man comes from or translated directly from dutch "what kind of meat we have in the tub", but it is about much more. The elections create personalities and make sure our bear community can promote and develop itself.

When I entered the "Bear and Fat Men" scene in 1993 there were no elections yet. In 1994 I became president of the "Dikke Maatjes" (an association for the fatter gay man). In that capacity I went to the EBMC (European Big Men Convergence) in Brussels that year. My then partner did everything to persuade me to participate in the European Elections. However, I did not want that because I was too uncertain. While shopping in the Belgian capital, we ended up in a party store. A beautiful bear suit hung here. My partner was immediately very enthusiastic and persuaded me to still participate in the election with a striptease from that bear suit. Monkey see ....monkey do.

To my own surprise, it turned out to be an overwhelming success. I won generously and received the title "Mister Chubby Europe 1994 and 1995"). I actually won more than that title. I gained self-confidence (something I could use after a problematic past, but LL about that in the next column). With the won title I was able to participate in the International elections at the IBR (International Bear Rendezvous) in San Francisco. This is what I wanted, because then I could learn how to organize elections and apply that in our own Amsterdam.

The elections in San Francisco were much more intense than what I had experienced in Europe. It took me three days to really convince a jury why I should win. Here too I did the previously performed striptease from the Belgian bear suit. A huge cheering of more than a thousand bears rose when I freed my belly from the suit. All this combined with a speech in English, in which I confessed that I participated as a sort of spy in San Francisco in order to organize Mister Bear elections in the Netherlands.

I can proudly say that that evening I was the first European to receive the "Mister International Grizzly Bear 1996" world title. With the experiences I had here we have been able to organize beautiful Mister Bear Netherlands elections for many years. Now, more than 23 years later, I am still deeply involved in the bear scene and look forward to the Amsterdam Bear weekend 2019 (ABW 2019). Many of the activities are organized in The Web, such as a "Meet & Greet" with the new candidates for the Mister Bear title, a delicious Bear Brunch and a small Bear Fair etc. Furthermore, during this weekend the Bearcave will also be the central information point for everything you want to know about ABW 2019.

We are also going to give away a title again in The Web (also known as the Bearcave during ABW2019), namely "Mister Lumberjack 2019". How can you achieve this title? It is very easy hit a nail deep in a block of wood during one of the evenings during ABW. We can say that this title is not about beauty. Who will take over the title from last year's winner: Harry Leeuw (Mister Lumberjack 2018). The winner who is now going to win the title will be honored immediately after we have honored the new Mister Bear Netherlands. This Mister Bear is chosen on Saturday night at Club Panama and I am proud to be personally asked to sit on the jury of these elections. I am also proud of the fact that we can welcome  Mister Bear World 2018 Johnny Benjamin (https://www.facebook.com/johnny.benjamin.140) from Virginia USA to The Bearcave. In short, we are going to have a wonderful Beer Weekend 2019.
I wish you a nice Bear Weekend, aaaaand .... keep it safe!
Jacques Zonne
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