.....The second edition of Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend has started...... Get ready for four days of a lot of fun, shopping, parties, a flea market, the election of Mr Sportswear Netherlands 2019, sex and more...

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Who is gonna be Mister Sportswear Netherlands 2019 Anton de Bruin (33 years, Maarssen) or Jeremy van Reemst (32 years, Ede)

Do you want to know more about the candidates and see more pictures visit the special pages on our website:
- Anton de Bruin 
- Jeremy van Reemst

You also have a vote in deciding who is gonna become Mister Sportswear Netherlands 2019. Choose a candidate and then send an email with in the subject the name of the candidate to

On Saturday June 8th from 7.00 pm the candidates will present themselves to a jury consisting of representatives out of the sportswear scene.

The Web Bar Amsterdam
St Jacobstraat 6
Saturday 8-6-2019 from 7.00 - 10.00 pm 
Beats by DJ Bo Monde

The election of Mister Sportswear NL 2019 is sponsored by The Web, MrB, Underground Fetish, LADZ, Sportss, Sneakfreaxx, PRIK, Mr Riegillio, RoB Amsterdam, Black Body, Cuckoo' s Nest , Eagle Amsterdam and WHO CARES hair & beauty.


During ASW 2019 several shops have special discounts or promotions for you. Check out what you can expect: @MR Regilio (Online discount code of 15% by using discount code SNIFF15) , @Black Body (Discount of 15% on selected goods),@RoB Amsterdam (10% discount with your RoB card), @MrB (Have a chance to win a photoshoot by Rene Zuiderveld) or @Underground Fetish (Spend 25 euros and get a bidon for free).

These promotions are from Thursday 6th of June till the end of ASW 2019!


▶▶▶ SPORTSS Sportswear Party
Sportss in collaboration with The Web bar organises a sportswear party. Dance, Cruise & Drink.

DJ Gerald Henderson
From 10:00 pm - ?? (men-only) no entrance fee or dress code but sportswear is appreciated.

St Jacobstraat 6
Saturday June 8th 10.00 pm - 2.00 am
The original Sneakfreaxx coming to Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend 2019, the first XL edition of Sneakfreaxx – Dance, Cruise & Play.

Special Guest DJ Redtomcat (Berlin)
Open from 8:00 pm (dress code until 01:00, after 01:00 open for all / men-only)


Warmoesstraat 90
Friday June 7th 8.00 pm - 5.00 am
▶▶▶ ASW Club Eagle by Pector 
During the Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend 2019 “Club Eagle” dance on the dance floor, chill out in the lounge area and cruise in the new darkroom. Meet also the new Mister Sportswear 2019 and have a private picture moment with him and the time to congratulate the new and first Mister Sportswear in Amsterdam.

Music by PECTOR at Eagle and we are open till late. Free entrance.

No Dress Code but Sports appreciated

Warmoesstraat 90
Saturay June 8th 11.00 pm - late

The Web Bar organises the Sportswear Flea Market and makes free space available to those who want to sell it themselves (your own table) or by an employee of The Web by one (or more) general table (s). 

Setting up your own table must be done between 11 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. and must be vacated by 6 pm at the latest.

Hand in dates are: Thursday 6th of June from 5 pm - 9 pm or Friday 7th of June from 5 pm - 9 pm.

Apply for the Sportswear Flea Market is possible here:

St Jacobstraat 6
Saturday 8th of June from 1.00 - 5.30 pm

During the Amsterdam Sportswear Flea Market you can bid on some used & sweaty socks, boxershorts or shirts from sportswear guys and porn actors.

During the whole of ASW 2019 Sneakfreaxxx will be selling their new and special Amsterdam collection of their socks @THE WEB, EAGLE & UNDERGROUND FETISH


A lot of venues will organise special sports editions of their regular evenings. The Web Bar Amsterdam will organise RetroThursday - the sports edition (6-6 from 7.00 pm - 1.00 am) the official openings drink of ASW 2019, Blending Friday  - the sports edition (7-6 from 5.00 pm - late with DJ Bassz) and Sunday (B)eat(S)  - the sports edition with DJ Jason Skyler (9-6 from 5.30 - 9.30 pm) with of course a nice snack @7.00 pm.
Do you want to meet the freshly elected Mr Sportswear Netherlands and have a picture of him and you than Visit:
Eagle Amsterdam (Saturday 8th of June from 11.00 pm) or The Cuckoo's Nest (Sunday 9th of June from 5.00 pm).

During ASW2019 The Cuckoo's Nest has a special shot and a special competition (guess the amount of laces in the jar) with some nice prizes.  and of course every evening during the weekend DJs and cruising in the biggest cruisingarea of Amsterdam. Friday 7-6 from 8.00 pm - 0.00 am DJ Gerald Henderson, Saturday 8-6 from 9.00 pm - 1.00 amDJ Joost Dulac and Sunday 9th of June from 7.00 pm - 11.00 pm DJ Leoji
You can also check all activities by day: 6th ,  7th , 8th and 9th of June or what is happening in the following venues participating the Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend:  The Web Amsterdam ,  Mr Riegillio , Eagle Amsterdam ,  RoB ,  Black Body , Underground Fetish ,  Mister B Amsterdam ,  Club Church ,  The Cuckoos Nest ,  Spijker Bar Amsterdam and PRIK

You can also check the complete program in the special ASW 2019 newsletter


We seem to have arrived at the time of elections and I do not mean the European Parliament elections, but elections in our own Leather and Fetish scene. For example, the first Miss Leather Netherlands was chosen in the Netherlands (on 12 May 2019). This took place in "Bar Buka" (the only lesbian bar in Amsterdam). A breakthrough for the women in our scene and we can now proudly state that Suzanne van de Laar (from Almere) can use this title in the coming year. 


This makes her the proud ambassador of all LHTB women who love leather and fetish. Suzanne is known to visitors of The Web for the many photo portraits she made of "The Web" visitors.

How special this woman is, was revealed a week later when she became the winner of the "Eurovision Song Quiz" in The Web. This during the great evening that is held annually in The Web. An evening around the "Eurovision Song Festival"  the Netherlands won with the beautiful song "Arcade" by Duncan Laurence.


This increased the joy in The Web. Certainly when our Suzanne van de Laar, by winning the quiz, could also hang the sash with Mr.Songcontest 2019 over the previously won sash of Miss Leather Netherlands 2019. Unforgettable was the hilarious performance of two Misters ((Mister Bear Europe 2017) Henk Heijenga and (Mister Leather Europe 2017) Raymond Timmer) as the two sisters Maywood. During this evening the present Misters (and Miss) collected a nice sum of more than € 1313, -. This amount goes every year to "Rainbow Railroad" (an organization that helps people from the LGBT scene to escape organized violence by the government against LGTB people).

In the Netherlands the elections for Mister Rubber Netherlands were also held, which was won by Adalberto Rubbadam.

After all this Dutch sash violence, I wanted to talk about an international event. On Sunday 26 May the International Mister Leather elections were held in Chicago during the IML 2019 (International Mister Leather 2019). The Netherlands had two assets: Mister Leather Europe 2019 Evert Leerson and Kiszly de Hond. We are very proud of our Evert Leerson, who made it to the very last round of 68 candidates. The title Mister Leather International 2019 went to Jack Thompson from Baltimore. What is special about Jack is that he is transgender and thus showed that this group is also an important part of our scene. A first it is not in our scene, because already in 2010 Tyler McCormic from New Mexico won this title, especially to him, was that he won the title from a wheelchair in addition to being transgender. Still very worth mentioning is that Evert Leerson achieved 4th place with 588 points (with only 4 points less than the number 3).

The second trump card we had as the Netherlands was Kriszly the Dog who participated for the title "Mister Boot Black 2019" during the IML2019 in Chicago.

The term Boot Black (making boots beautiful at events) is not very well known overhere but we are proud to announce that Kriszly won this title. I hope he will also promote Boot Black more in the Netherlands.

If you thought you were rid of the sashes now, I have to disappoint you, because during the Amsterdam Sports Weather Weekend 2019 (ASW2019), MIster Sportswear Netherlands 2019 will be held on 8 June in The Web. Who will win this title? I can secretly reveal that this time a sash won't be involved.

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