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Welcome to the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. In this edition of the newsletter everything you need to know about Pride 2019. If you want to read the dutch version click here.

With in this edition all about the return of the most exciting party during Pride on Beursplein, the unofficial openingsparty of Pride 2019, events in The Web Bar and the Cuckoo's Nest

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-The return of the most exciting party @ Beursplein 2nd & 3rd of August
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- Jacques Colum


PRIDE 2019

The theme of Pride Amsterdam 2019 is 'Remember the past, create the future'. In the year that we remember the 50th celebration of the Stonewall riots. This can also be seen as the birth of the first Pride in 1970 in New York. If you want to know more about this riots you could read the old column of Jacques.

From left to right Up: Amber Vineyard, Ellie Lust, Justin Hermsen, Victoria False From left to right Down: Raymond Timmer, Dinah Bons, Jeffrey Wammes
read here about the ambassadors


We celebrate Gay Pride every year as a party and can do so because of all the rights we have lost as a community, but the fight for the (equal) rights of the LHBTI community is still taking place in other countries. A good example of this is Georgia where Gay Pride ambassador Hans Verhoeven (Fetish Underground and Gays and Gadgets) traveled to support the "March of dignity". This was not so easy, because the organization had to organize this from secret places and they also had to relocate a few times, because these places became known to the opponents and the organization of this march was threatened. The well-known businessman Levan Vasadze, the great opponent of the Pride movement, announced earlier that he would unleash a revolution if the Pride were to take place.

Hans had conversations with the Dutch Ambassador in Georgia and offered the Mayor of the city of Tbilisi a letter written by our own Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema. He also asked for police protection for the "March of Dignity". On the day the demonstration was to begin at a secret location, riots accidentally broke and the "March of Dignity" was postponed because it had become too unsafe. Hans Verhoeven returned to the Netherlands, but when the signal was given that it would continue a week later, Hans quickly flew back to Tbilisi. And we could watch live via Facebook how the Pride was walked under a threatening atmosphere. Unfortunately the march lasted only 50 meters, but as Hans said: Probably the shortest but certainly the most important Pride March ever !!!

We hope that you also think of this when you celebrate the Pride this year

WeBN the pre Pride edition

Friday 26th of July 2019 from 9.00 pm

In the year that we celebrate the Stonewall riots we open the Amsterdam Pride festivities with WeBN - The Pre Pride edition 2019. Come and join this cooperation between The Web bar and Bear-Necessity for the perfect pre party with other furry men, bears and their admirers.

After what could be the hottest day ever in The Netherlands and just one day before Bear-Necessity organizes Bear Village by Bear-Necessity at the Milkshake festival 2019 - Amsterdam The Web will host "Thow the Bears", you already have the opportunity to party at our bar. Friday 26th of July from 9.00 pm.

DJ Sergio Cardoso will entertain you with his unforgettable beats, Bert feeds you with his famous snacks and don't miss the free shots that we serve around.

Of course you already could expand your wardrobe with The Web shirts that Bobo-Bear specially made for us, but for the first time he made it possible that we can offer you some of his other designs. When you miss it on Friday don't worry we will bring them to the Bear Village by Bear-Necessity.

WeBN wouldn't be WeBN without a good old raffle with some beautiful prizes.

No ticket For Bear-Necessity pride edition yet, no worries! You can buy them together with your drink at the bar!

CRASH @ Beursplein

Friday 2nd August 2019 from 7.00 pm
Saturday 3rd of August 2019 from 4.00 pm
@ Beursplein

After the success of last year’s edition, the organizers of CRASH Amsterdam have decided to do it all over again for Pride Amsterdam 2019. Last year’s event was attended by an interested and diverse crowd of fetish enthusiasts from all over the world. The music was pumping and the performers on stage created a steamy spectacle. What an energy from the crowd and performers alike.

This year’s event will offer a similar experience with a great line up, kinky performers and sexy Go-go boys and girls. It will be great entertainment altogether.

The CRASH event is organized with support of Amsterdam’s leading fetish bars, establishments and event planners. Due to last year’s success the event will be located again at the Beursplein, and is expected to attract thousands of fetish fanatics and visitors who love to combine an open-minded attitude with dancing.

Internationally acclaimed DJ's such as William Sizen Bell (Damage party resident DJ) and Mike Jayy (Bear Necessity resident DJ) will hit the decks next to our local DJs Bramsterdam & Big General, Bo Monde and BE-rik to make all revellers and house and techno lovers move to tribal and carnal beats.

Performances on a glorious stage by Amsterdam’s most iconic drag queens, Go-go boys, porn stars and fetish freaks will promise to put on a display so sexy, you will need to bring your spray bottle and a bucket of ice to cool your ass down. From sexy tattooed girls to the kinky men in latex, from the high heeled shoe dominatrix to the heavy leather harnessed daddy, all united under a single fantasy spirit.

So polish off your favourite kinky party outfit, come to Beursplein on Friday August 2nd from 19.00 till 00.00 and Saturday August 3rd from 16.00 till 00.00, join the party and “Start CRASHING”.

CRASH is brought to you by:
The Cuckoo’s Nest, Bear Necessity, Eagle Amsterdam, Mister B, Wasteland and the Biz Warmoesstraat.


Pride @ The Web

RetroThurday 6.00 -10.00 pm with Steve Malenka 
Thursday 1st of August The best Retro Gay Anthems from 1978 till 1990. Visuals by Our Love is History

Blending Friday 5.00 pm - close
Friday 2nd of August DJ Jason Skyler B2B DJ Benjamin
Blending of electronic and acoustic beats Special Pride Cocktail

Pride Saturday @ The Web
DJ Bassz plays his and your favourite tracks with this special pride edition of Virtual Weekend Grooves Saturday 3rd of August 2018 from 4.00 pm

Pride Sunday(B)eat(s)
Sunday 4th of August from 5.00 pm - close with Natarcia B2B DJ Benjamin and a snack @7.00 pm.


Click here for the last updates for events

New @ The Web

New on tap Affligem Blond  a top-fermented abbey beer

6,9% ALC
Two new ciders: Blind Pig Honey and Smoked Spirit Flavored Cider & Blind Pig Blueberry And Oak Spirit Flavored Cider
5,5% ALC 

Meanwhile @ Cuckoos

The Cuckoo's Nest presents during Pride 2019: We make your PRIDE!

With cruising in their famous cellar every day and on:

Friday 2nd of Augustt from 8.00 pm - 0.00 am DJ Mally Clark
Saturday 3rd of August from 8.00 pm - 0.00 am DJ Gino Lightner
Sunday 4th of August from 7.00-11.00 pm  DJ Abraxas.


While I was enjoying the Spanish coast and enjoying a beautiful holiday, exciting times had arrived in The Web this time for the Mister Sportswear Netherlands 2019 elections. Unfortunately there were only two candidates in this first edition, but it must start somewhere and therefore respect for these young men :Jeremy and Anton.

The election was won by Anton de Bruin, who will be entitled to "Mister Sportswear Netherlands 2019" this coming year. If you have missed all of this, you can still view this via this link.

Then I want to address a topic that has nothing to do with "The Web", but which I have spent many years of my life on. For this, I have to go back a long time in my life, to the beginning of the 1970s, when I was offered a vacation on a farm. I accepted that, because a normal vacation at that time was just too expensive for me. What I didn't know was that this farm was informed behind my back that I would be gay. It turned out to be a nasty fall, where I was dulled in a devious manner. A two-week vacation was drastically transformed into two years of imprisonment and I became a victim of gay-therapy therapies (also known as conversion therapy).

After two years I am with the help of a Reformed pastor and a Catholic pastor. After this I fought hard against this group, starting with an action in 1978 at the annual Meeting of Youth for Christ, where we were not welcome and were removed by the police.
After this I have taken many actions to ban this conversion therapy, but unfortunately without much success. A subsidy stop was used for the organizations that had done this to me. Thanks to a few TV broadcasts (Andere Tijden episode: De Hezen Homo "and the current affairs section" EenVandaag ") I was invited to come and tell my story in the heart of the Dutch government: the Binnenhof. I spoke there with Member of Parliament Vera Bergkamp (D66) who was committed to getting a ban on conversion therapy and after more than 35 years of fighting this injustice done to the gay community is finally forbidden. (Tweede Kamer neemt motie aan en wil verbod op 'homogenezing')
Finally I am going to wish everyone a nice Amsterdam Pride. I advise you to visit the second edition of "Crash" on Beursplein, but I also want to draw your attention to the "Pride Walks" that bring the Gay Pride back to the non-commercial basis.

(more info

The Amsterdam Pride Walk is on July 27 (gathering at 10:30 am at the Homomonument in Amsterdam.) Also a very nice Pride Walk takes place on Monday July 29 in Zandvoort (gathering at 1 pm at the NS station). And if you are there, visit the "Pride and Prejudice" exhibition in the Zandvoort Museum.

I am also proud that there is a photo there that I made and with which I won the photo contest of "Pride At The Beach". On the photo you see Mister Leather Netherlands 2018 Evert Leerson who "passes on" the title to the youth

I wish you a very nice Pride…. enne ...... keep it safe

Jacques Zonne

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