The Xmas Edition

Welcome to the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. In this special X-mas edition of the newsletter we offer some news about upcoming eventsopening hours during the holidays, the column of Jacques and we will look back @ 2018. If you want to read the dutch version click here


Alle Dertien Goed Fout
“Not only the music sucks"

Friday 28th of December from 8.00 pm - 2.00 am


Where your favourite bar turns into a really old-fashioned style Amsterdam Pub. 

The music will be played by DJ Bennie and there will be lots of typical dutch snacks and habits.

Request are highly come over and have the chance to have your favourite guilty pleasure played by DJ Bennie.

Come over and party with us!

BLUF Sunday Social
WeBN - The end of the year edition
Friday 21st of December 09.00 pm - 02.00 am
A week before Bear-Necessity end of the year in Panama Amsterdam you can already party with us and Bear-Necessity resident DJ Sergio Cardoso.
Off course there will be some nice snacks, a raffle with nice prizes and lots of other things to get you into the mood. 
So come and join us just before all mandatory things that are involved with Xmas and let's PARTY!

BLUF Social Sunday
Sunday 23rd of December 05.00 pm -  ...
Join (other) Dutch BLUF members for their Sunday Social with some nice drinks and company in leather! At the Web bar from 5 PM and on. The bar will provide a DJ and some nice snacks. Put on some leather and boots and join our Social Sunday with some nice drinks and have fun!

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m. SundayBeats @ The Web with the hottest DJs and either soup or hotdogs/ snacks.

Sunday 23rd of December DJ Benjamin
Sunday 28th of December DJ Michiel Bouwens

Opening Hours during the holidays

Tuesday 25th of December (Xmas Day) from 8.00pm – 1.00am
Wednesday 26th of December (Boxing Day) 1.00pm – 1.00am
Monday 31st of December (New Years Eve) 1.00pm – 3.00 am
Tuesday 1st of January (New Year) 1.00pm – 1.00 am

Click here for the last updates for events


New @ The Web

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Lagunitas IPA
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2018 @ The Web

It was a busy and beautiful year in The Web Bar in 2018. We organised lots of new things and also made some big changes in the bar.

During Pentecost for the fist time we organised (together with some other venues) the Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend. During this weekend Amsterdam was the place to be for the Dutch and also European team of sportswear enthusiasts. It was five days of celebration and we can tell you it will be returning in 2019!

Another weekend that we would like to remember is the Amsterdam Bear Weekend. During this weekend the Web Bar was used as the center of all the activities and during that long weekend we even decided to change the name into the Bearcave. On Sunday for the first time we had the Bearbrunch for all who wanted to participate and it was a succes. I can tell you the preparations for the ABW in 2019 already started so make sure u don't miss it.

And what to think of the first Sportss-wear evening we had last month. The staff but also the visitors were very content with the first time we organised this evening and we are surely gonna organise an evening like this again in 2019. If you cannot wait for it on Saturday 26th of January we have Sneakfreaxx ® ★ Amsterdam 2019 ★ on tour ★.
Another thing we are looking back with good feelings is CRASH on Beursplein where the Web together with other fetish-partners organised a party during Amsterdam Pride that brought the sexy back in Amsterdam. During two days we supplied a mix of international DJs, kinky performances and acts. We got a lot of positive feedback from it and we are already beginning with the preparations of the next party which we want to be even better and sexier!

As you see we @ The Web try to do our best to entertain our guests and are always open to new suggestions. In 2019 we make sure you even have more reasons to visit us. So if you don't want to miss a thing check out our website, facebookpage or newsletter regularly!


Recently we were honored at The Web bar with the visit of the illustrious company "de Sint and his Mietjes", something we had not experienced in recent years. This made me curious about how visitors of our bar would react to this. It was, to my surprise, busier than I expected. Right after enterng the bar, it became clear how "over the top" the Mietjes were and our white bearded, good holy man went to the throne that was specially placed for him. 
He just sat down and than I heard my name over the loudspeaker and I had to sit on his lap. Now I'm a little heavy and to spare the Sint I just sat down next to him and heard from him that I had been good boy. I almost felt like a puppy.

Fortunately, I was not the only one who had to come to the Sint and after some colleagues, there followed many visitors who all received a present and that turned out to be almost all useful gifts. I want to thank the Sint and his hilarious Mietjes for all of that. If you missed this event, here are some nice pictures.
This time I also want to look back in my column Famous Last Words to a nice moment that I have experienced. It took place in the eighties in a beautiful Christmas decorated "Argos Bar", where branches were attached to the ceiling with (in my opinion) thousands of lights. Also in the leather scene there appears to be a need for atmosphere in the dark days before Christmas. Kees (the former owner of the Argos) had done everything to please us. On Sundays (just like in The Web bar), there was often a large soup pot with homemade soup (free for the visitors of the bar). And that was also the case this Christmas Sunday. After all, it is always fun when there is something to eat together. Then you also get a lot of different reactions in such a bar and fortunately a lot of positive ones.

Now I want to talk about one special person and to protect him I call him John in my story for convenience. John was a leatherman optima-forma, always dressed entirely in leather, with a huge love for all activities that took place in the darkroom. He was also known as someone who wanted to experience sex orally. And he always took plenty of time for that, also this Christmas day. Especially for this John, coming from a darkroom (then the darkrooms were really dark) climbing over the narrow stairs to the bar, it took some time to become accustomed to suddenly find himself in a atmospheric Christmas-lit bar. I still see him walking in his cool way towards the bar to discover that soup was still available. However, there were no clean bowls left. (Footnote: now I have to say that at that time there were no plastic bowls, but that the bar had done everything possible to collect as many porcelain cups as possible and, as far as I could remember, they were also all different). Afin our John actually wanted to have such a cup of soup, but  what do you do when there are no clean cups left? Then you ask very politely the bartender for a clean soup bowl, which he did. The bartender, however, was too busy to wash a bowl and gave John the answer that for this time he should take a "used bowl". To each his surprise, John then remarked: "But that is unhygienic?" All conversations suddenly fell silent, while we all thought of with whom he "had" sex a few moments before and then all of us were laughing hard and continued the rest of this beautiful Christmas day.
I want to take (via this column) the opportunity to wish everyone a warm and cozy Christmas and hopefully we will see you with the holidays in The Web, because you can always go there for fun, and ...... eh eh ........ eh for a soup or snack after the darkroom.
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