Special Amsterdam Dance Event Edition 

Welcome to the special Amsterdam Dance Event of the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. With lots of information about the upcoming Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 in the Web. 

In this newsletter you can find information about:
- a little change in our house rules
- the full program of ADE @ The Web
- a look at some our "neighbours" during ADE
- a flashback to ADE 2017 @ The Web
- and a look forward to the upcoming Leather and Fetish Pride

If you want to read the dutch version click here

During ADE 2018 from 17th till 21st of October there will be some changes in our houserules.

One of the most important is that we ask our guests not to be naked or perform sexual acts downstairs during the ADE. Upstairs u can have all the fun u usually have!

We will thank you for understanding!!

The Program of ADE 2018

From Wednesday 17th of October 08.00 pm till Monday 22nd of October 01.00 am The Web bar will be your home spot for this years Amsterdam Dance Event:
  • With 39 different DJs
  • During 5 days
  • Six different parties
  • A nice afterparty till 8.00 am in the morning
  • Free WiFi hotspot

Below you will find every activity. Click on the poster to get more info about that activity.

visit our special ADE 2018 Website


By clicking on the pictures above you can see the activity that's related with it. Or click the links below for more info:

- Mainframe's C*NT APPROVED Party Wednesday 17-10
- Women of House Thursday 18-10
- Fresh ADE Edition Friday 19-10
- La Divina Afterhours Friday on Saturday (19/20-10)
- DrumNation Saturday 20-10
- Resurrection part I Sunday 21-10


ADE 2018 @ the neighbours


During ADE2018 also our neighbours in the Cuckoo's nest will celebrate ADE. With every day a surprise DJ. 
Friday from 8.00 pm - 0.00 am ,
Saturday from 8.00 pm - 0.00 am
and Sunday from 8.00 pm - 11.00 pm. 

Also Club NYX and Club YOLO will participate in ADE 2018.

With for example on Sunday 21st of October in Club YOLO Resurrection part II the sequel to Resurrection part I which will be in the Web.
And off course our staff will always be so kind to give you directions or tips

ADE 2017

In 2017 The Web Bar was for the first time an official venue for the Amsterdam Dance Event (with 350.000 visitors worlds biggest electronic music event).

In 2017 we welcomed 36 DJs over five days, with the marvellous MS Barbara Tucker and off course The (Fabulous) Starletts.

Come an join us this and lets make it an unforgettable weekend! 


Next week there will be a special edition of the Newsletter for the Leather and Fetish Pride. But on one thing we will put the attention: our yearly popular Fetish Flea Market where you can sell all your fetish stuff. Are you interested: sign up here
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