The Leather and Fetish Pride Edition

Welcome to the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. In this special edition of the newsletter we offer you everything you need to know about the upcoming events for Leather and Fetish Pride 2018 (25th till 28th of October) in the Web and other places, the column of Jacques and some news about a new event. If you want to read the dutch version click here


Film Premiere

“Crunchboy on The Web"

Thursday 25th of October 09.00 pm till 00.00 am

Last June four French Pornstars visited The Web to record a porn video in our darkroom and visitors of The Web were allowed to participate. Many visitors thought is  was exciting and like the idea to watch eachother later on "tape" and now it is your chance:

WE INVITE YOU TO : Premiere and first public presentation from Crunchboy on The Web, filmed in our darkroom area with participation of live audience joining the filming. DVD will be available online and for sale at the bar during and after Leather&Fetish Pride Weekend.

Beats by Dj Benjamin

Fetish Flea Market

Saturday 27th of October 2018 from 1.00 - 6.00 pm after the market DJ Bassz will seduce you with his beats for the special Leather and Fetish edition of Virtual Weekend Grooves (more info)

BLUF Friday Meet & Greet and BLUF Sunday Social

Friday 26th of October from 10.00 pm till closing time (more info)
Sunday 28th of October from 5.00 pm (more info)

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m. SundayBeats @ The Web with the hottest DJs and either soup or hotdogs/ snacks.

Sunday 28th of October DJ Steve Malenka
(**Special Leather and Fetish Pride edition**)

Sunday 4th of November DJ Benjamin
Sunday 11th of November DJ Michiel Bouwens (**NEW**)
Sunday 18th of November DJ Glaucio Duarte
Sunday 25th of November DJ Gino Lightner


STD's and more 
on Friday 26th of October from 6.00 pm till 09.00 pm the GGD will test you for free for STD and HIV 
on Sunday 28th of October from 7.00 pm the NoMoreC boyscouts will be present

D81 professional photoshoot and meet the Misters
on Sunday 28th of October from 6.00 pm D81 gives you the chance to have a professional photoshoot and from 7.00 pm we will celebrate a lot of misters but more about that in the column of Jacques


Click here for the full program of Leather and Fetish Pride 2018



For the first time in cooperation with Sportss the Web organises a Sportswearparty. So put on you favourite sportswear and come over for a nice evening with other sportswearminded people, dancing, cruising and drinking.

From 9.00 pm the beats will be played by DJ Jayson Skyler

Friday the 9th of November from 8.00 pm

Want to know more?
keep an eye on our website  or the facebookevent.


Leather & Fetish Pride @ the neighbours

From Thursday till Sunday our neighbours at the Cuckoo's Nest organise: "We make your (Leather & Fetish) Pride":

TopVsBttm #Glow in the dark #Playground in our Cellar #Dj

Thursday: DJ Bo Monde (7.00 - 10.30 pm)
Friday: DJ Gino Lightner (8.00-pm - 0.00 am)
Saturday: DJ Sergio Cardoso (9.00-pm - 1.00 am)
Sunday: Dj Benjamin Music Producer & Dj (8.00-pm - 0.00 am)
The Mainparty of this year's Leather and Fetish Pride Amsterdam 2018.

Saturday 27th of October from 9.00 pm  INVASION with DJs T&T, DJ Ramon Baron & DJ RW @ UnderCurrent

Mister Leather Netherlands 2019 election, Live shows, Dancers, International Performers, EXTRA big play area and much more!

More info about the Leather and Fetish Pride 2018 can be found here



Wow ..... what have we experienced special times. Last weekend we had the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) in The Web bar. We saw and especially heard 39 national and international DJs of all kinds playing their beats in order to promote their music. Great fun to see that such a weekend our favorite bar can change in a real Dance Club. I am already looking forward to next year's ADE.

Prior to this ADE weekend I had an interview on MVS radio in the program "Kulti-Kulti" about the ADE, Leather & Fetish Pride, the Fetish Flea Market and ...... myself (hmmmmm). For those who missed it on the link below you can listen to this: here. Unfortunately for our foreign readers the interview is in Dutch
This month is dedicated to the Leatherpride and that means the end of our "Dutch" European Mister Leather Raymond Timmer, who after a career of Mister Leather Netherlands 2017 managed to work his way up to Mister Leather Europe 2018. He has, together with his partner Reto (Mister Leather Switzerland 2017),  done a lot to support the international leatherscene. He also worked to draw attention to the repression of gay men in Chechnya and also collected a large amount of money to support this project. I'm sure Raymond will continue to support this. We at The Web want to thank Raymond Timmer for this great year and will be honoring him on Sunday October 28th.
But there is still something to report. It seems like history has repeated itself. This time in the person of Evert Leerson (Mister Leather Netherlands 2018), who was elected Mister Leather Europe 2019 in Paris at the ECMC (European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs). For the Netherlands this means that for the second year in a row we deliver the Mister Leather Europe and that has never happened before! We are proud of this victory and that is why we invited Evert Leerson this Sunday to celebrate this with all of you. And we are glad he accepted this invitation.

Not only Raymond and Evert will be there, but also the new Dutch Mister Leather (who will be elected under Under Current on Saturday 27 October). So if you are curious who it has become, come on Sunday October 28 from 0700 pm.

But there is more to do on this Sunday. There will be a real Bootblack-Boy. So you can leave the bar with polished shoes or boots and my good friend of D81 Photo's will also hold a professional photo shoot to make the most beautiful portrait photos of you (free of charge). Useful when you want to adjust your different profile pictures again.
And do not forget to visit the most visited annual Fetish Flea Market in Amsterdam on Saturday. It promises to be another great day where The Web has turned into a special Fetish store. It is the ideal way to get cheap fetish outfits and kinky toys. The market will be from 01.00 - 06.00 pm.
RIP Terry LeGrand, - 1939-2018
Finally, in this column I would like to briefly highlight the news that this summer Terry LeGrand, the creator of the iconic film "Born To Raise Hell", has passed away. He has also become known by the many SM porn films: the video "Argos Sessions" a movie where acquaintances of our Amsterdam Leather Scene could be seen (including my former boyfriend) and the videos under the name "Dungeons of Europe "(with Mr Sebastiaan). He was also the founder of the American magazine "Leathermen Magazine". I am proud to have met him and am grateful that because of his work he has meant a lot to the gay community worldwide.
So far these famous last words.

Finally, I would like to wish you a nice Leather & FetishPride 2018.
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