The ADE & Leather and Fetish Pride 2021 Edition

Welcome to a very special version of the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam.

In this special edition of the newsletter we offer you everything you need to know about the upcoming events for The Amsterdam Dance Event (14th till 17th of October) and Leather and Fetish Pride 2021 (29th till 31st of October) in the Web, the column of Jacques and some new drinks.

If you want to read the dutch version click here.



During ADE 2021 from 14th till 17th of October there will be a change in our houserules.

We ask our guests not to be naked or perform sexual acts downstairs during the ADE. Upstairs u can have all the fun u usually have and of course after ADE and specially during Leather and Fetish Pride 2021!

We will thank you for understanding!!

Come2Gether 14/10 from 21.00

22 Weeks (BE) / Andme & Bastian (GB) / Daz Norman (GB) / Divine (NL) / DJ MRT (GB) / Patrick Meeks (GB) / Stereosoulz (US)

White Line & White Line Hard, Hello Tech/No and Catacombe  15/10 from 21.00

18 East (IN) / Ancel (BE) / CATSINKA (FR) / Dinant van Tongeren (NL) / Dj Answer (FR) / Future:remnants / Nachtstroom / OHMe (GB) / Purson (BE) / ZeXter (US)

Mainframe presents SoundGroove session 16/10 from 21.00

David Ohana Aviance (US) / John Spinosa (US) / Midnight Society (US) / ReginalDJohnson / Sagia (GB)


GDE We All Dance Together - Closing Party 17/10 from 18.00

ReginalDJohnson / Steve Malenka (NL) / Templar / The Gymbrothers (NL) / The Love Team (US)


We would like to present 4 new beers @ our bar:

  • 7-Deugden Gember+Neutraal An IPA with ginger and lemongrass, with a nice spicy taste.  5,7% €4,20
  • 7-Deugden Wijs+Neuzig This Weizen beer has a surprisingly full and spicy character due to the addition of cardamom. This gives this unique beer an oriental touch and a soft aftertaste. 5%  €4,20
  • 7-Deugden Spring+Bock This spring bock has a special character due to the combination of its own malt recipe and lemon balm, which gives the beer a fresh accent. It has a pleasant, soft aftertaste with a slight bitterness. 6,5% €4,20
  • Amstel Bock is a bottom-fermented beer with an alcohol percentage of 7%. This is the oldest surviving Dutch beer, it was introduced in 1872. €3,60



October 29 @ 18:00 - 20:00

Warm_UP for the Mr Leather Contest 2022 and meet the Misters from all over the globe at The Web, drink a beer (or two) with them before heading to the contest later at Eagle Amsterdam. Visitors of The Web with a stamp have a preferred access (then without) to the contest at Eagle but be aware full=full (no guarantee). The Web also gives away some VIP tickets for the contest with guaranteed access and a free welcome drink at Eagle. So better you get your stamp at The Web!


October 30 @ 20:00

After a period of silence it is time to celebrate again. The Web bar invited the new Mr. Leather 2022 and the retiring Mr. Leather Stephan Metzler-Rudolph for you to meet them in real live.

Of course there will be some finger food, cold bear and other tasty drinks, the DJ will make it irresistible to hit the dance floor. The program is still onder construction so please visit us soon for the final program.

BLUF Sunday Socials 

October 31 @ 17:00 - 19:00

BLUF Sunday Socials are organized for all leather guys who want to meet other leather guys. Two BLUF hosts will welcome you at this monthly leather social. Leather uniform is not mandatory but sure we like it when you appear as much in leather.


Here we are again! That took way too long, "The Web" bar is running again as usual, despite the fact that we had to make some adjustments to the interior due to the 1.5 meter rule, and with a lick of paint here and there, the atmosphere has remained as usual.

On May 1, our bar existed 35 years, unfortunately we had to celebrate this party in silence. But at least we keep going!
I'm also glad that all the rules we experienced with the reopening have been rolled back to just the "QR code", so in other words, we hope to welcome everyone back to "The Web" soon.

To make your visit to the bars more pleasant, you can get a (free) stamp with every visit and with that you can visit The Web -The Cuckoos Nest - The Eagle and The Dirty Dicks, without showing your QR again.

This month we even have two events, such as the “Amsterdam Dance Event” where you can listen to different DJs for four days and also get your feet off the floor.

And then two weeks later we also have Leatherpride 2021. On Friday 29 October 2021, Warm UP "The Misters" will take place in The Web bar at 6:00 PM, at this event you will meet the two final candidates of the Mr Leather 
Contest 2022 that is Tio Lelieveld (on the photo on the left and Djoni Jaspers on the photo on the right!) But you will also meet “Mister Leather Netherlands 2019 and 2020” Stephan Metzlar- Rudolph (on the photo in the middle), who has even completed this task for two years. has fulfilled, for which our respect and our heartfelt thanks.

And you'll meet the Misters from all over the world on The Web, have a beer (or two) with them, before heading to the game later at The Eagle Amsterdam. The elections will start there at 7 p.m. Visitors of The 
Web with a stamp preferably have access (than without) to the competition at Eagle, but pay attention to full=full (no guarantee). The Web is also giving away some VIP tickets for the election, with guaranteed entry and a free welcome drink at Eagle, and who wouldn't want that. In these elections I also have an important role to play, which I am very proud of.

In The Web you can expect nice surprises, bondage shows and other fun Fetish events this whole Leather weekend. On Saturday 30 October you can meet the brand new Mister Leather Netherlands, between 18.00 and 20.00. If you miss that, you are welcome on Sunday 31 October between 4 pm and 5 pm for Meet Mr Leather and his ceremony, and you will also meet the Leathermen of BLUF (The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub).

Overall two nice weekends ahead of us. I wish everyone a very happy Leather Pride 2021 and a lot of health, in a lock-down-free world.
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