Welcome to the newsletter of The Web Bar Amsterdam. In this second-last edition of the newsletter we offer some news about upcoming events during the Holiday Month, the column of Jacques , an old friend is gonna pay us a visit again and some news about again a new event in your favourite bar. Also we have a very special promotion for you! If you want to read the dutch version click here.

After the busy month of October (read all about it in the column of Jacquesand the somewhat slower month of November, this Holiday month we organise more than enough things for you. Check also the special opening hours during this very festive month. 

And of course in 2020 your favourite bar will organise a lot of activities for you but more about that in the last newsletter of the year 2019. So make sure to check our website or Facebookpage to be always up-to-date.


Guilty Pleasures Evening:

The Lonely Xmas edition

Friday 13th of December from 9.00 pm - 2.00 am

Friday 13th of December more than a week before the holidays your favourite bar will turn again into an old fashioned dutch styled bar with the possibility to hear all of your guilty pleasures. WARNING if you want to avoid Last Christmas or All I want for Christmas this probably won’t be your evening.

The music will be played by D. J. Bassz and requests are more than welcome. And off course there will be more enough fingerfood and sweet things.

And if you turn up into a Christmasy outfit you can expect a nice surprise from the bar.

Sinterklaas & zijn roze veeg Mietjes

The 6th of December The Web Bar celebrates Sinterklaas again! But after all the commotion the “roze Mietjes” caused last year in some of the gay community the Sint decided to only use “roze veeg Mietjes” this year. Times are changing! So come and join us. 

From 8.00 pm D. J. Bassz will play his special beats to celebrate this dutch tradition. And around 8.30 pm the Saint will pay us a visit.

And off course there will be presents (if you have been good) and lots of sweet food.

So come over and celebrate this typical dutch tradition with us.
Friday 6th of December 20.00-02.00 u


Saturday 7th of December 05.00 pm - 08.00 pm

Mister Sportswear Netherlands 2019 Anton de Bruin invites you for the PRE PARTY of SNEAKFREAXX. With a charity event for the DUSTY FOUNDATION, the official opening of the Mr Sportswear Netherlands 2020 contest and a  SOCKS-KING shop to buy your new socks for the Sneakfreaxx party later at the Eagle.

WeBN - The end of the decade edition
Friday 20th of December 09.00 pm - 02.00 am
Friday 20th of December Bear Necessity and The Web present their pre party for the Bear-Necessity Sport Edition party the 28th of December. 

Beats by DJ Sergio Cardoso, the famous raffle, fingerfood and much more. So if you are a hairy Bear, an admirer or just want to have a funky evening tonight the Web will be your place to be!

(Only for our guests) Tickets for Bear-Necessity Sport Edition are available at The Web Amsterdam with a 2€ discount on the pre-sale price (discount in combination with your bar order / tickets are available till December 28th 9.00pm)

BLUF Social Sunday
Sunday 22nd of December 05.00 pm -  ...
Join (other) Dutch BLUF members for their Sunday Social with some nice drinks and company in leather! At the Web bar from 5 PM and on. The bar will provide a DJ (DJ Natarcia) and some nice snacks. Put on some leather and boots and join our Social Sunday with some nice drinks and have fun!

Retro Thursdays
Every Thursday from 07.00 pm till 01.00 am. The weekly night of the Web where the music played should be at least as old as a person should be to enter the bar. A very special edition 26th of December with the best songs of the last decade mixed with the best songs of other decades so come and join us during this musical journey.

Virtual Weekend Grooves
DJ Bassz plays his and your favourite tracks starting from 8.00 pm every Saturday from 8.00 pm till late

Every Sunday from 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m. SundayBeats @ The Web with the hottest DJs and either soup or hotdogs/ snacks.

8th of December    DJ Bo Monde 
15th of December  DJ Benjamin
22nd of December DJ Natarcia
29th of December  DJ Steve Malenka 

Click here for the last updates for events


For a limited time only we present four cocktails for 7 euros each. Discover the new Royal Bliss soda flavours: Creative Tonic Water (combined with Gin), Ginger Ale (combined with Jack Daniels), Vibrant Yuzu Tonic Water and Bohemian Berry Sensation (both combined with Belenkaya Vodka).

These sodas are only sold in the combination presented.


Off course your favourite bar will be in a Christmas Mood from the 13th of December all the way to the countdown to a new Decade on 31st of December. During the special days the opening hours are as followed:
  • Tuesday 24-12-2019 Christmas Eve 1.00 pm - 02.00 am
  • Wednesday 25-12-2019 Christmas Day 7.00 pm - 02.00 am
  • Thursday 26-12-2019 Boxing Day 1.00 pm - 01.00 am
  • Tuesday 31-12-2019 New Years Eve  Countdown to a brand new decade 1.00 pm - 03.00 am
  • Wednesday 1-1-2020 New Years Day 1.00 pm - 01.00 am
All other days normal opening hours


What a special and festive month October was. It started after I was invited to come to the "World Bear Weekend" in Cincinnati (USA) to sit on the jury of the "Mister World Bear 2019" elections. I thought it was an enormous honor and I didn't hesitate for a moment.


 Before I knew it, I flew with Miss Leather Netherlands 2019 (Suzanne Van de Laar, who was also a jury member) to this world event. We had a great week. Not only with the assessment and interviewing of the candidates, but also with shopping (which Suus was very good at) and sightseeing in Cincinnati.

The highlight was of course the gala evening (with the final of the elections). After an emotional farewell to the previous title holders, the moment came when the new Mister World Bear would be announced. We (Suzanne and I) had no voting rights for the Dutch candidates. These were chosen by an American jury. I was very pleased Marcel Van Doorn was chosen as the new "Mister World Bear 2019". The title "Miss World Bear" went to Nikki Wireman from Columbus, Ohio and the title "World Cub 2019" to Christopher Gonzalez from Atlanta. A nice fact is that Christopher is planning to visit the Amsterdam Bear weekend (March 2020).
After the hot days in Cincinnati (the temperature had risen to 40 degrees Celsius) we flew back to the cold Netherlands, where the next big event was already planned, the Gay Dance Event (part of the much larger Amsterdam Dance Event). For The Web, this meant that a different DJ could be heard every hour, culminating in a performance by the world-famous group "The Weather Girls". Singer Martha Wash and her daughter rocked the house with their hits. In short, a party that is worth repeating.
And as was stated in the previous newsletter, the following weekend was another big event: Leather & Fetish Pride Amsterdam. The elections for the new Mister & Miss Leather were long awaited. The Miss Leather election has experienced a stormy success since its introduction, which can mainly be attributed to Miss Leather Netherlands 2019 (Suzanne van der Laar). Not only has she introduced this title in the Netherlands, but she has made it into a powerful institution through her many actions and unbridled commitment. She has clearly demonstrated that it is not only about wearing leather proudly, but also that it can be important for everyday social situations. For example, she spent a lot of time and attention on transgender people and, as a highlight, she organized the first "Winter Pride Walk" in her hometown of Almere, in which many more people than expected participated. At the end of this Pride walk was the deputy Mayor of Almere not only a "Gay crosswalk" (a crosswalk in colors of the Gay flag), but also the first transgender path in Europe opened. This pedestrian crossing is of course in the color of the transgender flag. This also gives transgender people an image-defining face in society.
Back to the Miss and Mr Leather 2020 elections. Five enthusiastic ladies and four gentlemen fought for this title. The ladies' fight was won by my girlfriend Karin West. And with the men it also became very exciting. On a very busy party evening in "Aknathon" all candidates gave a good show. Our colleague Kevin achieved a nice second place (Runner Up) and Stephan Metzlar-Rudolph became the new Mr Leather Netherlands. The Web congratulates these two winners and wishes them much pleasure and success in the coming year.
The other highlight (the annual Fetish Flea Market) was visited more frequently than previous editions. The bar had completely changed into a Leather & Fetish paradise with a wide selection of clothing, gear and toys. Our visitors could offer their leather articles in their own booth or have them sold by the fantastic bartender Jacques. Who has done a great deal of work in a grandiose way, for which he certainly deserves praise and gratitude. It was also possible for the first time to donate clothing and toys. The proceeds from this (a nice amount of 640 euros) would be donated to Rainbow Railroad (a Canadian charity that helps lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to escape violence and persecution in their home country. More about this organization you can read at https: // www .rainbowrailroad.org /)
Finally, we can state that this year the Netherlands is top supplier of titles, because Adalberto Rubbadam was named "Mister International Rubber 2020" in Chicago during the annual MIR weekend. For him, of course, our congratulations. And after all the titles, which are important for visibility and acceptance of the scene, our own "Miss Netherlands 2019" Suzanne van de Laar has a chance to win the title during the IMSLBB 2020 Weekend (16-19 April 2020 San José (CA)) International Miss Leather. We wish her every success of course! So it all remains exciting and we will keep you informed. Until then I wish you a lot of pleasure and ..... keep it safe!
Greetings Jacques Zonne
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